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Synonyms for dramatisation

conversion into dramatic form

a dramatic representation

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THEATRE Ball of Fire Experience the life and times of the great Alan Ball, beautifully played out through a dramatisation that recounts his early struggles on the road to becoming a professional footballer.
Dano, the only American in the otherwise all-British cast, believes the popularity of the novel, and subsequently this dramatisation, is down to the depth of character achieved by the author, when discussing why the story still resonates today: "It's because of the sheer humanity in it.
TOTAL CARNAGE Dramatisation in St Peter's Square, West Belfast, yesterday
The play is a dramatisation of Dr King's life and takes the form of an interview between him, played by Birmingham-based professional actor Delroy Brown, and Huddersfield's own Linda Pascal, who plays TV newsreader Moira Stewart.
He is a writer as well as an actor but TV viewers may remember him best for his part in the HBC dramatisation of the life of Marie Curie.
LIVE Theatre, in collaboration with Northumbria University, this dramatisation tells real-life stories of partners of those involved in the Mid-East conflict.
The twopart dramatisation of the 1960s crimes, entitled See No Evil: The Story Of The Moors Murders will be broadcast on the 40th anniversary of Brady's trial.
The dramatisation tells how the teacher came out of retirement to take over the troubled St George's School in London following the murder of her predecessor, headteacher Philip Lawrence.
BBC Northern Ireland is planning to bring a dramatisation of the Saville Inquiry to the small screen.
Interestingly, Ballantyne Tree would get into ethical hot water the following year with her more famous film, The Things I Cannot Change, where she abandoned the tactful dramatisation she imposed on middle-class sexuality, and assaulted the working-class-bound cycle of poverty with no-holds-barred direct observation, inadvertently humiliating her family subjects publicly; this film would become an object lesson in problematical ethics for generations to come.
Here she stars with Goodness Gracious Me collaborator Sanjeev Bhaskar in a dramatisation of her novel, a lively, fast-talking tale of love, family and cultural confusions.
In the three plays collected here, Parr finds "a fairly complex dramatisation of cultural encounter" (13).
ChrI N3gdm Inspired by the 1937 'rape of Nanking', in which up to 300,000 people died, it's a good-looking and bloody dramatisation of the massacre, but so predictable.
uk Actress Charlotte Riley, a former pupil at Teesside High School, was the star of ITV's recent dramatisation of Wuthering Heights.
Writer and director Bryan Flynn said: "Michael Collins is my dramatisation of a changing period of Ireland's history, but furthermore it is the story of how love and politics inflamed the period.