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Gleason provides a helpful list of dramatis personae, since the nicknames fly fast and thick.
One of the key dramatis personae in the AgustaWestland helicopter deal, Christian Michel is believed to have played a crucial role in paying bribes to individuals in India to help swing the deal for the Italian company.
The book's blend of what Fotheringham calls the Tour's four core elements, "travelogue, anecdote, dramatis personae and narrative, is presented with a perfect turn of phrase, the craftsmanship worn so lightly that a wry smile is ever present as you scan the page.
That other amateur playwrights tended to include dramatis personae lists in their manuscripts, while their professional counterparts usually did not, speaks to the dichotomous life of play-texts in print, for readers, and in manuscript, for players, and the disruption of that dichotomy when an individual familiar with plays only in print crossed into the world of plays in manuscript and brought into one medium the values and expectations of the other.
Among their topics are the politics of opposition in East-Central Europe, the dramatis personae of history, transition and stability in Croatia and Yugoslavia, homage to a Transylvania peasant, and whether the debate over collaboration and resistance in Hungary was a fatal compromise.
The addition of a dramatis personae is a little unusual but was helpful.
Still, on their own terms, Barbe's designs were (predictably) handsome indeed, and Doucet's direction of the two operas' actual dramatis personae was (just as predictably) compelling whenever his own inventions weren't getting in their way.
Some scenes come across as excerpts from a movie script; there are stage directions, and dramatis personae that you'd find in the front of a play book.
We have been forgiving the dramatis personae and hoping the next season will be clean.
Read the volumes in order, and keep a list of the multitudinous dramatis personae.
Along the way, he presents sketches of the dramatis personae that populate the account of the fateful day, December 7.
After describing early modern practices of commissioning plays, wherein plays were presented as plots accompanied merely by dramatis personae and not by characters--such as ensign and Moor, as opposed to Iago the ensign and Othello the Moor--Altman argues that characters only emerge when these personae respond to specific circumstances.
Book life is enhanced by a 10-page dramatis personae as well as thorough footnotes and bibliography, along with nearly 50 illustrations and four family trees.
At the center of this dramatis personae stands Mark Twain, an influential partisan who was, for many, the embodiment of America.
From thereon in the dramatis personae is a roll-call of scientific and engineering glitterati, including Enrico Fermi and Leo Szilard, along with political input from the likes of Harold Macmillan and Margaret Thatcher.