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Synonyms for dramatics

the art and occupation of an actor


overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for dramatics

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The other two important events of the day Qirat Competition and Dramatics Competition will be held at the university's Islamabad Campus on the same day.
Ian Dinham, chairman and director of MAD, founded the group in August 2009 because he kept hearing about Merthyr people having to travel out of town to take part in amateur dramatics - as he himself did.
Given the general wackiness of the Dodgers' season to this point, it's no surprise that their return to first place in the National League West took place with a wild, dramatic game Thursday night.
Its leading artists, notably Faye Leung, Liang Jing, Nobuo Fujino, and Ayako Fujioka, have the technical prowess and dramatic intelligence to do justice to more evolved and challenging choreography.
Medal categories include essay, dance, poetry, math, entrepreneurship, dramatics, oratory, photography, film making, drawing, architecture, vocal performance, painting and sculpture.
He had been born in a large Catholic family and grew up in Wyoming and had spent most of his life in Denver, eking together a living as a composer and lyricist for children's theatre and working in the school system teaching creative dramatics.
When creative dramatics focuses on having fun and letting your imagination run wild, and not on who has the lead role, it can really have a positive impact.
The amateur dramatics group already teaches 72 pupils in comedy, drama, musical theatre, film and television since launching its morning academy in the Northbrook Road school last October.
AN amateur dramatics group is celebrating after it received a welcome funding boost.
But in his latest screen outing, the actor offers us a rare glimpse into his own personality as he revisits the world of amateur dramatics for The Show Must Go On.
The programme shows the Only Fools and Horses star help an amateur dramatics group put on a play in London's West End.
1 RELIEVED Steve Bruce insisted his side's dramatics are doing nothing for his looks as Sunderland clinched their second win in three games.
A SOUTH Wales amateur dramatics company is looking for people with the "X Factor" to join its ranks.
If he succeeds, it will be a dream come true for the comedian and presenter, but his hopes look set to be dashed when his timing and tuning are criticised while rehearsing with Weston-super-Mare's Gilbert and Sullivan Amateur Dramatics Society.