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Synonyms for dramatics

the art and occupation of an actor


overemotional exaggerated behavior calculated for effect

Synonyms for dramatics

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DRAMATICS was developed in the context of a global software company whose goals include building long-term business relationships with partners in developing regions and opening new markets for the corporation.
He became a commercial traveller for the Educational Supply Association for five years, during which time he took up amateur dramatics with the St Pancras People's Theatre in London.
Whether they've been performing with their local amateur dramatics society for the past 30 years, are a budding young Hollywood starlet, or just have a secret passion for acting that they've never before had the opportunity to exploit, we'd love to hear from them.
But Pulis was right to denounce the Suarez dramatics.
Now this number has come down to 40- 50," said Siddhant Nakhat, director of the dramatics society at Shri Ram College of Commerce.
Well as most of them would have been Barca fans, but the tactics and dramatics by Chelsea's striker Drogba could have won some admirers as well.
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Channel 4, 9pm With all its extravagance and dramatics, no matter what we mere mortals think of the gypsy lifestyle, we shouldn't be naAve enough to think that they don't have their opinions about us.
London, Nov 6 (ANI): Susan Boyle reportedly suffered a mid-air meltdown on her first trip to Australia and infuriated passengers on the plane with her dramatics.
A Tipton based amateur dramatics society has welcomed support from the employer of one of its members.
These could be enlarged and framed and hung throughout the theatre as reminders of its starring role in Liverpool amateur dramatics history.
MERTHYR Amateur Dramatics hope to have audiences begging for more when they perform the songs of Oliver
MEMBERS of an amateur dramatics group are to tread the boards in a popular musical.
Still, Vojnovska quotes our Prime Minister who said that the government coalition is stable and that dramatics is part of the political speculations.
Another couple, Barry and Delia had met at an amateur dramatics club.
Dramatics contains a wealth of ideas to assist in planning and teaching drama and is a highly recommended resource for teachers of Years 3 to 7.