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in a dramatic manner

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A man, with a preposterously wicked face, his right hand pressed dramatically to his heart, was falling backward to the floor.
He had signed it in behalf of himself and his associates,--the sign of the four, as he somewhat dramatically called it.
Phib,' said Miss Squeers dramatically, 'I insist upon your explaining yourself.
Society in all its various classes and occupations is very dramatically presented in the brief description of the 'field of folk,' with incisive passing satire of the sins and vices of each class.
At their little unsteady pace, they came across the floor, hand-in-hand, as if they were traversing an extremely difficult road intersected by brooks, and, when they had had their heads patted by Mrs Betty Higden, made lunges at the orphan, dramatically representing an attempt to bear him, crowing, into captivity and slavery.
Application clusters also dramatically reduce the operating and capital expenditures associated with data center infrastructures, thanks to the commoditization of hardware and the simplification and dynamic nature of administration.
In the 25 years that Contemporary Long Term Care has chronicled the industry, the equipment that defines "contemporary" has changed dramatically.
Feedstock and energy prices in 2000 and 2001 increased dramatically, but have now returned to historically normal levels.
Although there has been speculation that the Bush administration might cut the program, Burbage said he believes it will survive because the military is facing a real need to replace aging aircraft and because there is a need to dramatically lower the cost of maintaining aircraft.
Megadoses of vitamin E can dramatically reduce that inflammation, a new study finds.
The most direct effect was rather in the urban Northeast, both in the already established population centers of the Atlantic seaboard, and even more dramatically in the maturing cities of the Great Lakes region, where the processing of livestock and iron ore as well as the incipient manufacture of automobiles and other heavy industrial goods throve on this influx of unskilled and unorganized labor.
The adoption of market-based economic systems around the world has dramatically - and permanently - altered the global economy.
Particularly in the balcony pas de deux, dramatically the weakest moment in Tomasson's version, there is little emotional modulation, although in all three casts the Juliet performed heroically.
In the decade of the 1980s, the federal government of the United States dramatically altered its spending patterns.
HOUSTON -- D2C Solutions, a Houston-based software company, today announced a new family of cross-platform risk and compliance management software for ERP systems that helps companies dramatically reduce the risk of internal fraud and achieve compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and IT security regulations.