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Camille Saint-Saens, 1835-1921: A Thematic Catalogue of His Complete Works, Volume II: The Dramatic Works.
It became apparent that Lungu's replacement, Turkish soprano Burcu Uyar, had her dramatic work cut out for her as Violetta.
The main goal of the center is to form a qualitative group that consists of children who would carry out the whole dramatic work starting from writing to designing and building decorations.
The London-based theatre company says the Bard's most iconic and challenging play - arguably the world's greatest dramatic work - goes for the jugular without hesitation.
Not remembered as a composer of opera, though he did write a fair number, Creation is a dramatic work, particularly when it comes to what's expected of the chorus.
In short, Falcon Paradi signals both the influence of Artaud in the dramatic work of Montes Huidobro and an intensification of this influence over the playwright's career.
At 27, Parkin's age works against him only when it comes to self-editing; a less sprawling Winter Journal would be a more stirring and dramatic work.
It is a very effective and dramatic work, originally written to be danced to by the prima ballerina of the Berlin opera.
The experiences of a character or the circumstances of an event that occur before the action or narrative of a literary, cinematic, or dramatic work.
Thus, Wilson's dramatic work, whose emotional center lies with his African American characters, also consistently draws attention to the pervasive and negative impact of Euro-Americans in the black community.
Moreover, it is a dramatic work that will interest contemporary students because of its irony, its philosophical underpinnings, and its iconoclastic and avant-garde content.
Susan K Moore's Fowey is a peaceful depiction of the beach scene while Jayne Powell's Layered is a dramatic work with wild coloured shapes, and soldiers fighting in the background, with people in a Remembrance Day parade walking into the foreground.
The most dramatic work on view, 99 Names, 2002, shows the repeated image of a man rocking back and forth with increasing velocity and determination as he recites the names of Allah in prayer, his exertions mimicked by a towering crescendo of screens that present him at varying angles to the viewer.
In a statement to SANA, artist Yara Sabri said that the steps taken this year in the field of caring for the disabled are very good, stressing the need for consecrating this issue indirectly in drama in a non-intrusive manner that merges these conditions into the overall plot of the dramatic work.