dramatic production

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the act of performing a drama

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And Paddy and Fredericka Hayter and Fabien Granier, the amiable people behind the curiously- named Footsbarn Theatre, certainly aim to amuse and entertain, when they put up a dramatic production of Victor Hugo's novel, The Man Who Laughs at the Baha'i House of Worship ( Lotus Temple) on November 14 and 16.
He pointed out to the huge budget allocated to dramatic production in Syria which ranges from SYP 2, 5 to 8 billions (1USD = about 47 SYP).
Officials say they have come to grips with the dramatic production decline at Cantarell, one of the country's largest fields, that has sent Mexican output tumbling by a quarter since 2004.
Both GM and Chrysler made dramatic production cutbacks as their business tanked.
Dominic Liversedge, 27, got to know her family when he played a lead role in an amateur dramatic production of musical Oklahoma.
The notion that many dramatic pieces were designed to be acted or performed in some way is emphasized at multiple points throughout this work and is drawn from projects including the Women and Dramatic Production 15701670 project directed by Findlay, Stephanie Hodgson-Wright, and Gweno Williams.
English students at the Sint Joseph Instituut, a high school in Torhout, Belgium, had picked his book for their annual dramatic production.
Productions of the ballet abound, most notably Leonid Lavrovsky's original version for the Kirov and Bolshoi (which he choreographed with the composer Sergey Prokofiev sitting in on the rehearsals); John Cranko's sweepingly dramatic production for the Stuttgart Ballet; Kenneth MacMillan's deeply moving tour-de-force for The Royal Ballet, and Frederick Ashton's creation for the Royal Danish Ballet--in which a 10-year-old Martins was a page.
By the end of Munro's "company biography," the reader is left with an acute sense of the intensely social nature of dramatic production in early modern England.
They "believe that the use of oral history as the foundation for the programming, specifically, the dramatic production, allowed participants--those interviewed, those who acted in the production, and those who attended the performance--to gain the same profound revelation: History is alive.
Shakespeare's history plays further investigate the ravishing power of literary production, but the creative feminized theatrical energy in his plays derives, Eggert argues, from a dramatic production of the linear progress of history.
The price of Geographical rose to 30p, having been firmly pegged since 1968, despite a dramatic production increase.
Instead, it's an amateur dramatic production based on the Meldrews.
patent theaters Any of several London theaters that, through government licensing, held a monopoly on legitimate dramatic production in London between 1660 and 1843.
The bare-faced meretriciousness of all this is typical of the way in which the theatre itself became an article de Paris, turning what became the Ville lumitre into a tawdry tinsel-town whose superabundant dramatic production, in an age that gave us Symbolism and Impressionism, has left, in fact, little to enrich the permanent theatrical repertory apart from its contribution to some operas written by foreigners.