dramatic performance

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the act of performing a drama

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Best Male Dramatic Performance John Middleton (Emmerdale, Ashley Thomas)
Soapstar superstars It was a party night in Weatherfield as Coronation Street scooped eight of the big awards: Sexiest Female, Villain of the Year, Best Actor, Best Dramatic Performance, Best Storyline, Best Exit, Best Comedy Performance and Best Soap.
Although the book covers a wide range of themes involving storytelling as dramatic performance, I wish the author had explored the images of stories more broadly than he does here.
And Jamie Borthwick, who plays teenage tearaway Jay Brown in East Enders, scooped Best Dramatic Performance from a young actor.
Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress - Sam Aston (Chesney Brown) - Coronation Street
The most eloquent of these artists was undoubtedly Kazuo Shiraga, whose dramatic performance at the first Gutai exhibition (Tokyo, 1955), Challenge to the Mud, in which the artist rolled half naked in a pile of mud, remains the most celebrated event associated with the group.
In addition, Stoll examines issues related to the play's staging and to dramatic performance in general.
Enric Miralles' Spanish National Training Centre for Gymnastics at Alicante (p33) is not just a nursery for talent but a place in which gymnastics can be enjoyed as a spectator sport within dramatic performance spaces.
The data warehousing market is currently undergoing a renaissance from platforms that deliver dramatic performance and cost-advantages over traditional solutions by leveraging open-source software and commodity hardware.
With DB2 and Oracle continuing to increase their support for AMD64 technology, enterprise customers can more fully leverage the dramatic performance improvements and scalability of AMD Opteron processors," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit.
BEST Dramatic Performance From A Young Actor: Natalie Cassidy (Sonia Jackson, EastEnders)
In high school he excelled in dramatic performance competitions and even placed in the top fifteen in a national competition of dramatic performance.
In the opening essays, Bruce Smith and Linda McJannet underscore the materiality of texts, delineating how typographies of punctuation and speech prefixes, respectively represent the power of the quill/pen to effect/affect character and dramatic performance.
Dramatic performance improvements strengthen the value of Isentris from small to global multi-site R&D labs.
This dramatic performance edge includes design compile times up to 2X faster than competitive offerings and provides customers with the advantage of over two additional speed grades.