dramatic irony

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(theater) irony that occurs when the meaning of the situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play

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His filmic discourse, however, with the aid of visual and auditory devices, skillfully reinforces the story's central dramatic irony that, contrary to appearances, Farquhar has in actual fact not moved from the bridge.
There is no dramatic irony in this poem, because, aside from the question of whether the speaker is legally insane, there is no issue the slave is unaware of or incompetent to judge and therefore no way for the reader's point of view to be substantially different from hers.
The effect, of course, is one of dramatic irony, and one could argue that Greene intends it as a way of characterizing Fowler as just as flawed and self-deceived as Pyle.
She gives voice to the dramatic irony surrounding Audrey, showing us with more accuracy and emotion those things her owner can barely express.
The dramatic irony is similar to that of the Shakespearean play and the reader constantly wonders why Otello and Desmerelda cannot see how they are being manipulated and slowly destroyed by the villains in the plot.
The juxtaposition of the performers' cliched femininity and the cliched masculinity in the lyrics is somehow deepened by the dramatic irony of the vocalists' ignorance and, thanks to Abidin's subtitles, the viewer's knowledge.
conflict and tension; dramatic irony and reversal; contrast; the use of time and shift of locale as suspense factors; dramatic action flowing out of believable characters, foreshadowing of events and, finally, a harmonious and well-balanced arrangement of scenes.
The articles by filmmakers Francois Verster and Kristin Pichaske are exceptionally coherent and the authors display dynamic writing styles; on the other hand, Keyan Tomaselli strikes too much of an academic tone and Adam Haupt's short article on Mr Devious the First: My Life is a badly devised hodgepodge of paratextual information on the director's individualist character, long excerpts of poetry from the film, praise for the director's use of dramatic irony and the case Haupt makes for the hip-hop industry and its artists to be taken seriously.
Also, the asides instill dramatic irony into the work since the public knows more than the characters on stage.
This was a plot device Perry and Croft used in It 'Ain't Half Hot Mum and Dad's Army, with well-rounded characters not knowing who was related to whom, but the dramatic irony was not lost on those at home.
In particular, an understanding of the way that dramatic irony works to manipulate power and subjectivity would apply well to Duncan's discussion of "misread messages and hidden identities" within the play (64).
THERE is something about the mixture of soap, confetti and a generous helping of dramatic irony that is always a recipe for disaster.
The use of multiple, clearly distinguishable narrators and points of view, the shifts in time frames, the management of suspense and slow revelation, the sure deployment of dramatic irony, and the creation of credible emotional response to extremity impress the most.
Using dramatic irony and dark, situational humor, the Golden Globe-winning "Six Feet Under" approaches the subject of death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who own and operate a funeral home in Los Angeles.