dramatic irony

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(theater) irony that occurs when the meaning of the situation is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play

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His filmic discourse, however, with the aid of visual and auditory devices, skillfully reinforces the story's central dramatic irony that, contrary to appearances, Farquhar has in actual fact not moved from the bridge.
The first step in understanding this picture of Finkel's book is to understand his use of dramatic irony and the figure of the naive hero, elements which begin to emerge even in the book's first pages.
Hitchcock's formula for suspense is a high-adrenalin blend of ticking-clock danger and dramatic irony, both of which are amply seen in Notorious.
Thomas Inge more convincingly sees in this story the seeds of Hawthorne's use of irony as a narrative technique: "Irony, especially dramatic irony, would become a major mode of expression in his later work and would function in his masterpieces as an essential method of exploring his characteristic themes" (5).
Dramatic irony consists of unexpected events such a thief being pick pocketed (Karsetter, 1965) or many examples from Alanis Morisette's song 'Ironic.
Chapter two delves into this theme in detail by introducing dramatic irony and free indirect style.
Also notable is the fact that, while we see bodily camaraderie between the two men, no fully physical lovemaking is portrayed on the screen (unless one wishes to see the bodoly camaraderie, in terms of dramatic irony, as foreplay).
Much of the humour arises from dramatic irony of this nature: double entendres rely on the knowledge of the viewer in contrast to the ignorance of the characters.
The juxtaposition of the performers' cliched femininity and the cliched masculinity in the lyrics is somehow deepened by the dramatic irony of the vocalists' ignorance and, thanks to Abidin's subtitles, the viewer's knowledge.
The dramatic irony works through the tension between appearance and reality, an effect that reaches its climax when Oedipus' insight leads to physical blindness.
The first part of the narrative is charged with dramatic irony, as even a young reader will know that Billy's dreams of a better, safer future will end in a catastrophe.
If Victorians did not judge any more than my students do, it is probably because "Runaway Slave" completely lacks the dramatic irony that often carries the judgment function of a dramatic monologue, which is the second feature that I believe causes my students' confusion.
Dramatic irony can be a hard concept to teach, but this makes it easily graspable (and hilarious).
Yes, we have the dramatic irony of a man who is brilliant at work but hopeless at home (I bet this paves the way for an unlikely liaison with Bremner).
His methodology relies primarily on traditional textual analysis, along with a liberal dose of literary anthropology and cultural history, and his arguments are ultimately text-based, dealing with matters of semantics, syntax, structure, translation, and dramatic irony.