dramatic event

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an episode that is turbulent or highly emotional


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But if there are dramatic events like an attack on the Temple Mount (the al-Aqsa mosque compound), arson attacks on mosques or similar things, it could inflame the situation or lead to protests.
But this summer, perhaps the most dramatic event took place when the $46-million haircare products manufacturer was acquired by the Miami-based IVAX Corp.
They did, and that dramatic event literally lighted the way toward fulfilling Hill's dream.
Great Barr astronomer Andrew Lound, who is the UK coordinator for the Planetary Society, was quick to capture the dramatic event on his camera.
Still, he notes, the bottom line is entertaining viewers: "Because it's a dramatic event in a person's life, it's a dramatic event to present.
It can obliterate millions of cells in mammals, and scientists think it regulates the number of cells in many tissues, Tantalized by apoptosis' links to ailments ranging from cancer to autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders, researchers in universities and biotechnology companies are racing to unravel the mechanisms that steer this dramatic event.
Fifteen fire engines will be at the dramatic event in Compton House, Meadway, Garretts Green.
That gap may also consist of ellipses - omitted details of the dramatic event.
Strangely, however, the 15th anniversary of another dramatic event in the lives of newspaper-and-magazine-buying baby boomers--the resignation of President Richard Nixon--attracted little notice.
This dramatic event featured a full orchestra and choir with live narration describing the painting and its meaning in detail.
While most people consider the audience's role in a dramatic event to be passive, current research suggests that theatrical productions are a creative event shared by actor and spectator alike, rather than an dramatization of discreet texts for passive public consumption.
In addition to the tremendous funds generated by this dramatic event, two Passport evenings are produced exclusively for young people.
On the big day itself, there's a moment of amusement when Anita and Nansi arrive wearing the same hat, but will this be the only dramatic event for the wedding party?
It's debatable which has been the most dramatic event to happen to them, but Janae certainly hasn't had it easy.
Families who have gone through this dramatic event need stability and a helping hand," said Barr.