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Other unforgettable experiences included pieces by Rafael Nassif (this talented Brazilian, in Ostrava for the second time, drew attention with his highly individual orchestral composition veus sobre cores), by Richard Ayres (the satirical and ultimately very dramatic composition No.
They choreographed a new work for 14 dancers to Joseph Schwantner's dramatic composition, "In Evening's Stillness"; the ensemble piece was premiered at the School of Music and Dance's showcase concert at the Hult Center last November.
The final, hushed Amen is as eloquent a lament for the pity of war as any of the more elaborate music which precedes it in this lengthy, dramatic composition and the control, tone quality and intonation achieved by the singers of the Choral Society was as impressive here as anything they had negotiated in the previous 90 minutes.
The dramatic composition of this photograph was inspired by the surrealist art of the era and, working with the artist Roy Hobdell, McBean went on to produce a number of 'surrealist' portraits of leading actresses in a weekly series, which ran until the early months of the war.
In Washington Crossing the Delaware, Leutze used light, perspective, color, and motion to create a dramatic composition.
One photograph has the brilliant dramatic composition of a baroque painting.
The result in the case of the Mirzan House is a dramatic composition that responds magnificently to a site of considerable natural beauty.
Refinements of the thesis later in the text emphasize the dramatic composition that is "fully narrative" with heroic figural types.
Some plants were placed in unsuitable environments simply because the size or color of the leaf made a dramatic composition.
Any fiction writer will recognize that this is good dramatic composition.
The conversational element of literary or dramatic composition.
to create The Good Raised Up , a dramatic composition for treble chorus, violin, percussion, piano and several narrators, and recounts a night in the 1850s when a Quaker family in Germantown protected a group of escaped slaves from capture by a band of federal marshals.
23 to a roster of artists, including Annie Baker, recipient of the Hull-Warriner Award for her play The Flick; Jeanine Tesori, winner of the Frederick Loewe Award for dramatic composition for her musical Fun Home; Charles Fuller, who captured the Flora Roberts Award for distinguished work in the theatre; Chisa Hutchinson, recognized for early-career accomplishments with the Lanford Wilson Award; and A.
Dramatic composition and performance, Findlay argues, afforded women a "vehicle through which their own spatial experiences could be translated into play, and through which they could lament, reject, criticise, celebrate and, most importantly, renegotiate their place in the world" (3).