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a critic of theatrical performances

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Alan Carr in character as the drama critic (left and below), Coventry director Debbie Isitt (far left), and Carr's co-stars Ashley Jensen (right) and Martin Freeman (far right).
In 1975, Mancuso moved on to Stratford, where his performance as Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice opposite Maggie Smith drew excellent notices from Walter Kerr, the legendary drama critic of The New York Times.
Stanley Kauffmann has been the magazine's film critic since 1958, Leon Wieseltier its literary editor for at least 15 years, and American Repertory Theater artistic director Robert Brustein its drama critic on and off since 1959--and Beinart's stepfather since 1996.
He later became a drama critic in London, for The Sunday Times, and chief book reviewer for The Times.
Paul Shawool, a Lebanese drama critic who saw a Syrian performance of The Key, praised the mise-en-scene but thought the text to be substantially flawed.
krossferthin (The 13th Crusade) was staged in the National Theater of Iceland in the fall of 1993, the drama critic of Reykjavik's largest newspaper, Morgunblaoio, panned it with a fury the kind of which, I would bet, Hell hath none.
The most dramatic example of this came last year when the Pulitzer committee declined to give out any award in criticism after screeners came up with three decidedly unconventional finalists: Village Voice drama critic Michael Feingold, Village Voice advertising critic Leslie Savan, and a Los Angeles Times writer named Itabari Njeri.
Arthur began to lecture me in the car, asking why did I always "pick on'' the Times' drama critic Frank Rich and give him such a hard time about the hard time he was giving Broadway?
But Wag's first love was music and the theatre and he was appointed drama critic in 1956.
He investigates culture, nation, and location in the work of performers, playwrights, and theater critics such as Irish actor and playwright Michael Mac Liammoir, drama critic John Mason Brown, Albanian actor Alexander Moissi, playwrights Noel Coward and Eugene O'Neill, and late-nineteenth century Viennese culture.
Her greatest triumph there was in 1967 playing Mrs Alving in Ibsen's Ghosts - a performance drama critic Doreen Tanner called "faultless and fascinating".
Hughes extended the range and scope of the dance coverage, a move I continued, making the dance pages more accessible perhaps because, in the other role of chief drama critic for 10 of my 12 Times years, I expanded the dance column's constituency.
Drama Critic, Whata Brainstorm, Val's Prince and Gritty Sandie look to be the principals, but the presence of Cetewayo, a Grade 1 winner two seasons ago for Michael Dickinson and only lightly raced since, may have everyone guessing.
However, she also scours The Messenger's archives for lesser-known, but equally talented scribes, like drama critic Theophilus Lewis, poet Thomas Millard Henry, and fiction writer Anita Scott Coleman.
Willum the love-struck architect, fast departing Tansy his weathergirl lover, and drama critic pal Axel, are celebrating Willum's 34th birthday, and all goes well until the Nerd arrives.