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a critic of theatrical performances

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Over the decades, the major drama critics on either side of the Atlantic have been professional practitioners, either as writers, directors or producers.
Unlike Shawool and Badawi, the Egyptian drama critic Ali al-Ra'i thinks highly of the play: "The play fascinates by a delightful reinterpretation of folklore which is both sympathetic and clear-sighted.
In the 1930s he took a job at The Birmingham Post where he specialised as a drama critic and writing colourful sketches of local characters.
However, she also scours The Messenger's archives for lesser-known, but equally talented scribes, like drama critic Theophilus Lewis, poet Thomas Millard Henry, and fiction writer Anita Scott Coleman.
Frank Rich, the paper's former drama critic and now a columnist, applauded the film on the op-ed page.
He later moved to London and became a drama critic.
He was drama critic for the New Republic (1952-56) and taught at Columbia (1953-69).
The play concerns the attempted murder of a drama critic so perhaps it is not surprising that I paid particular attention to the proceedings.
Manchester, and a young Doris Hering making a mark, in newspapers, dance criticism was generally left to the music critic or, more uncommonly, the drama critic.
Williams speaks in a way that just rattles through time," comments Frank Rich, op-ed columnist and former chief drama critic for The New York Times.
Both William Henry, a senior writer and drama critic for Time magazine, and Christopher Lasch, a sociologist, have fashionably "liberal" credentials.
Subsequently, as music and drama critic for various newspapers as well as an independent journalist for magazines, an enthusiastic Van Vechten may have been the first white writer to offer serious attention to black entertainers and entertainments.
In 1898 he succeeded George Bernard Shaw as drama critic of the Saturday Review.
Brackett was drama critic of The New Yorker for three years and also wrote a number of novels, among them The Counsel of the Ungodly (1920); Week-end (1925); and Entirely Surrounded (1934), a roman a clef about Alexander Woolcott and his island colony on Lake Bomoseen, Vt.