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Synonyms for drainpipe

a pipe through which liquid is carried away

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A spokesman added: "It may be a drainpipe but it is still theft.
A spokesperson for the service said: "Last night, rockets, rocks and a drainpipe were thrown at our firefighters.
Sixty-seven street deals of suspected cocaine and heroin were seized by a police officer after they were found stashed behind the drainpipe of a house near Christina Street, Butetown, early yesterday morning.
It is yet unknown why the man was climbing the drainpipe on the street next to Tesco, Cleckheaton, but police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.
After asking around the neighbourhood, it was discovered the corn snake, named Heston, ||who drainpipe had disappeared from his vivarium from a neighbours' home a few doors away.
One thing that strikes the most in Drainpipe contract is that its difficulty level has been ratcheted up considerably.
SIDON, Lebanon: "I am not cold, I am hungry," Hussein Kayed Hussein said, as residents implored him to leave the drainpipe which he has now claimed as his home.
SCALING THE HEIGHTS The 12ft boa on the phone wire as it inches its way towards the drainpipe, below
He is also accused of turning up at her flat in Glasgow's Mansewood area, climbing a drainpipe and spying on her through a window.
He added that some years later, Mr Burford's much-loved younger brother Bill, an outsanding rugby player, was killed as a student in London when he climbed a drainpipe to retrieve a ball that had become stuck on roof trough and died after the drainpipe gave way.
And this is how we come to her door, single file, no one anxious to go in front of the other, as in all her beauty she slips out a window, shinnies down the drainpipe, gone.
We can make limbs from drainpipe material for PS30 and provide them free to those in need.
During the July protest against the planned construction of a drainpipe from Oji Paper Co.
A total of 22 people took part by placing a small, plastic pollution diffusion tube on the outside of their property such as on a drainpipe.
These days though the mullet has given way to asymmetrical fringes, cowboy boots to Converse trainers and drainpipe denim to, oh, more drainpipe denim.