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The patient's course was complicated by jaundice due to rifampin and a draining sinus tract at her knee that grew Staphylococcus aureus.
The lesion usually defies accurate identification on clinical grounds and can be mistaken for benign conditions, such as a foreign body granulomatous reaction, a draining sinus, or an infected wart.
Deep dermal abscesses may join and progress to form chronically draining sinus tracts colonized by mixed bacterial flora.
14) Presence of draining sinus in the tuberculous osteomyelitis may hinder its distinction from pyogenic disease.
However, the concern arises due to the susceptibility to recurrent infection that may result in a chronic draining sinus.
2) Uncommonly, the cyst may become secondarily infected, resulting in osteomyelitis with formation of an abscess and draining sinus to the overlying skin.
of Princess Margaret Hospital for Children for assessment of tooth 41 and the possibility that this was associated with an external draining sinus on her chin.
Intraoral examinations and radiographs are critical for making the diagnosis of cutaneous draining sinus tract of odontogenic origin.
Clinically, actinomycosis presents as an insidious-on set, chronic suppurating wound that is characterized by multiple draining sinus tracts.
1) Therefore all chronic draining sinus tracts of the face and neck signal the need of a thorough dental evaluation.