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3) These patients usually present with progressive pain, fever, swelling and draining sinus tracts.
16) The most common sign at presentation is pain, and the most common physical finding is joint swelling and/or a draining sinus tract.
The axillary region in this patient has active, draining sinus tracts that have formed ropelike, fibrotic subcutaneous scars.
A 13 year old girl was referred to the Plastic Surgery Department Outpatient Clinic by her General Medical Practitioner following unsuccessful antibiotic therapy for the management of a draining sinus on her chin.
Intraoral examinations and radiographs are critical for making the diagnosis of cutaneous draining sinus tract of odontogenic origin.
Clinically, actinomycosis presents as an insidious-on set, chronic suppurating wound that is characterized by multiple draining sinus tracts.
3) Cervicofacial actinomycosis frequently affects the maxillary sinus and causes swelling of the cheek, a woody induration, and draining sinus tracts.