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Synonyms for draining

Synonyms for draining

having a debilitating effect


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Yet here he was, draining the cup, and still able to hold his head up, look the world in the face, and call himself a man.
Presently we found a rift in the cliff which had been widened and extended by the action of the water draining through it from the plateau above.
There's whole slathers of creeks and draws draining in up there, and somewhere gold just crying to be found.
In our own times the decay of these once flourishing cities is so completely beyond remedy, that the next great change in contemplation is the draining of the now dangerous and useless tract of water, and the profitable cultivation of the reclaimed land by generations that are still to come.
He filled a second goblet for himself, and honored the toast by draining it to the bottom.
shouted the travellers, draining off their goblets.
They declaimed about famine and pestilence as being scourges of God, while the scientists were building granaries and draining cities.
His mind was running upon bears and boars, when, in the process of draining his glass to the bottom, he raised his eyes, and saw, for the first time and with unbounded astonishment, that he was not alone.
I will make only one other geological remark: although the Portillo chain is here higher than the Peuquenes, the waters draining the intermediate valleys, have burst through it.
The walls were black; there was an opening to admit the light above the worm-eaten door; and here and there were a few stools consisting of rough blocks of beech-wood, each set upon three wooden legs; a hutch for bread, a large wooden dipper, a bucket and some earthen milk-pans, a spinning-wheel on the top of the bread-hutch, and a few wicker mats for draining cheeses.
I've been breaking in the grey colt - no easy business that -directing the ploughing of the last wheat stubble - for the ploughboy has not the sense to direct himself - and carrying out a plan for the extensive and efficient draining of the low meadowlands.
Hodson, his hind from Mudbury, into the carriage with him, and they talked about distraining, and selling up, and draining and subsoiling, and a great deal about tenants and farming--much more than I could understand.