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Synonyms for drainboard

a board beside a kitchen sink and inclined to drain into the sink

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Place a roll of plain (unscented, unprinted, uncolored) toiler paper on a clean surface that will drain: a rack, colander, drainboard or such, Pour boiling water over it until it's saturated.
The drainboard was where I put out the food: a meat and three vegetables and two salads and, perhaps, two kinds of pie or banana pudding, rolls and maybe a gumbo or an etouffee instead of meat and always rice and white or red beans with every meal.
The kitchen sink and drainboard can be made accessible by removing the cabinet doors and installing a shallower sink.
Coat rubber drainboard trays with a light application.
The other day, I was looking through some snapshots of my niece and nephew that my sister had left on the drainboard.
Seeing his forceps on the kitchen drainboard, she admits: "This didn't signify any new eccentricity on his part.
I was waiting, holding the drainboard with my right hand, when I saw her coming out of the bedroom.
She sat him down in there because the kitchen was a wreck: jars of fig preserves all over the drainboard, dirty pots in the sink and shiny places on the floor their shoes stuck to.
I ran the chick up to the house and set up a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on the drainboard.
Double Sink Wash Station with 2 Sinks & 1 Drainboard 3 sided, SS Table with 1 under shelf and castor wheels (Size 1200 x 600 x 900mm L x W x H)& furniture for c.
The sinks come in Classic White, Architectural White and Sand Beige, and can be combined with colored inlay at the seam and drainboard.