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Synonyms for tube

a hollow cylindrical shape


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an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

provide with a tube or insert a tube into

convey in a tube

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ride or float on an inflated tube

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place or enclose in a tube

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The surgeon drilled a small hole in her skull, above her right ear, and installed a shunt, or drainage tube.
New manifolds drainage tube block EWN and aqueduct in the mountain-side lane.
If the drainage tube is blocked, mucus will gather in the middle ear and soon become thickened and sticky.
The nurse told me that taking the second drainage tube out didn't hurt as much as the first one.
She required open cholecystectomy and placement of a biliary drainage tube (i.
Among these features are a locking mechanism that swivels to minimize tissue trauma, a skin protectant, and a design that anchors the catheter itself, rather than simply attaching to the urinary drainage tube.
It consists of a flexible sheath placed over the penis and connected by a long drainage tube that is attached to a urinary drainage bag.
A large, prospective study monitored compliance on a daily basis with seven recommended precepts for catheter care, including closed drainage, dependent drainage including proper position of the drainage tubing and collection bag, and protection of the drainage port; the only violation predictive of an increased risk of CAUTI was improper position of the drainage tube, above the level of the bladder or sagging below the level of the collection bag (RR 1.
In tubeless PCNL surgery, rather than leaving the drainage tube in the patient following extraction of the stone, the tract leading from the outside of the body through to the kidney is sealed using a specially designed plug that Dr.
NEPHROSTOMY DEVICE MARKET - Percustaneous Nephrostomy Set Market - Nephrostomy Balloon Catheter Market - Nephrostomy Drainage Tube Market - Ureteral Stent Market 9.
Contract awarded for buying paper bags, electrodes, nylon, probe levin, drainage tube and central catheter tomas neck for the national hospital of san marcos.
With proper diagnosis, the fluid blockage is treatable with a drainage tube.
Windrum's condition, which is typically treated with an implanted drainage tube.
Contract notice: Renovate drainage tube 4 clevering locks lauwersoog.
The devices are being recalled because Stryker has received two reports of serious injury as a result of tissue damage associated with the use of the Neptune 2, including an event in which one customer connected the Neptune 2 System to a passive chest drainage tube post operatively, resulting in a fatality.