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Synonyms for tube

a hollow cylindrical shape


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an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

provide with a tube or insert a tube into

convey in a tube

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ride or float on an inflated tube

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place or enclose in a tube

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The most common modality of treatment in the present study was intercostal drainage tube placement as in past studies.
Although CNT was invented in 1954 as a renal drainage tube after open surgery, it is still a useful renal drainage tube using modern percutaneous renal procedures.
Rest of the time, this drainage tube is connected to the Romovac suction apparatus.
The researchers concluded "the only catheter-care violation predictive of an increased risk for CAUTI was the drainage tube sagging below the level of the collection bag" (Maki, Knaskinki & Tambyah, 2000, p.
Heavily covered in livid bruises and still in need of a drainage tube to remove excess bleeding from her brain and face, she said: "I am so angry with myself for attempting to do something as radical as I had wanted.
Still heavily-bruised and with a drainage tube to remove excess bleeding from her brain and face, Kellie continued: "I am so angry with myself for trying to do something as radical as I wanted.
The old drainage tube in the Region-11 located dental school registered 40,813 ng/cubic meters.
Chest tubes are managed by connecting the drainage tube to a one-way valve called a Heimlich valve.
I also had a drainage tube put in my ribs because my lungs were filling up with blood but they didn't have time to put me out for that so I was just numbed and had it put in right in the hospital hallway.
In a third attempt, we decided to use a lightwand as a guide in the drainage tube of PLMA (due to the absence of sterilised GEB).
Mahmoud Jibril said a coroner's medical report showed Al Qathafi was already wounded when he was found in a drainage tube and pulled out by the NTC fighters who routed his followers from their remaining positions in the city.
and Carbon Design Group, Seattle, is designed to keep the drainage tube open without breaking the sterile field.
Another feeding tube of 4-8 FR as drainage tube was passed through the stenting tube into the bladder for the drainage of urine.