drainage system

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a system of watercourses or drains for carrying off excess water

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Waseem Ali also briefed the Water Commission Chief about water supply and drainage system and informed that untreated drainage water of Moro city was being drained into the Dolat Minor.
Medical Superintendent (MS) Holy Family Hospital Raja Shafiq Sarwar talking to reporter said the new drainage system would consist of two big drain tanks, while PC-1 of the project had been completed.
Take note of your surroundings as early as now - if there are new tenants, new faces, new people renting in units or houses beside you and look at your drainage system.
The scheme involved installing sustainable drainage systems around the estate to tackle both surface water and sewer flooding.
According to Barron, in order to deliver an effective drainage system for Dubai Tram, Birco drew on its experience from other global markets.
A source at the hospital, who asked to remain anony-mous, told the Daily Post : "An old drainage |Glan Clywd's ne sewage on a ' "When they built the new A&E they built it on top of the old drainage system.
The residents of Srinagar city were facing a lot of problems due to the old and small drainage system.
The new drainage system will consist of 47 Flygt Slimline pumps and 27 smaller Flygt submersible N-pumps in nine pump stations located at various intervals along the 12-mile stretch of road that was severely damaged by the storm.
Currently based in Canada, he told me that during those days the capital never witnessed such issues in the aftermath of rains as the drainage system was properly maintained.
In addition to conventional subsurface drainage systems, there is another drainage system called bi-level drainage.
28) The technology has changed significantly allowing for efficient drainage system construction, so farmers may even install drain tile themselves with the proper equipment.
The underground units will have the capacity to store up to 110,000 cubic feet of stormwater runoff; the storm traps then slowly release the water out into the city's drainage system.
The signing ceremony of grant and loan agreements on rehabilitation of water supply and drainage system of Kara-Balta between the Kyrgyz Republic and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development took place today in the Finance Ministry in Bishkek.
May 17, 2012 (BOR) - Jonglei's governor, Kuol Manyang Juuk, has ordered the construction of a drainage system to deal with the flooding in the state capital, Bor.
Overall quantitative comparison indicated a positive impact of drainage system installation in terms of crop yield improvements.