drainage ditch

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a ditch for carrying off excess water or sewage

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The drainage ditch is filled with canary reed grass, thistles and blackberries, which goats love to eat, said their owner, Briana Murphy of Sherwood, northwest of Wilsonville.
20pm on Sunday after the pony became stuck in a drainage ditch.
The child was murdered and her body dumped in a drainage ditch in the city of Kanpur, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
In one of Moore's first studies, he spent 28 days evaluating the transport and capture of atrazine and lambda-cyhalothrin in a 160-foot section of a vegetated agricultural drainage ditch in Mississippi.
Police said the car came to rest on the edge of the drainage ditch after the accident near Walsoken, just north of the A47's junction with Broadend Road.
It rerouted a branch of Fairchild Creek and sent water towards a drainage ditch from Brantford's Braneida Industrial Park, turning it into a fast-moving torrent and carving out a deep path on Singh's land.
It is now two months since FfionWyn Roberts was found strangled in a drainage ditch close to her home at Porthmadog in Gwynedd.
It ended up dangling into a drainage ditch when it was on a stroll with its owner.
When I came to rest, I was sitting upright with my feet pointed toward the huge drainage ditch, and my buddy Ed trying desperately not to crush me with his Soft tail, or go off the road into the 10-foot deep drainage ditch full of 4-foot boulders.
I know it's the law, but it's very frustrating and bordering on the ridiculous that the fate of newts takes precedence over humans" - Mrs Margie Histed, of Chippenham, Wilts whose family had to leave their home because of the floods and cannot return to it yet because "protected" great crested newts have been discovered, possibly breeding, in a drainage ditch.
The eastbound train hit the driver's side of his truck, knocking it several hundred feet into a drainage ditch, police said.
It went through a series of design changes before planners eventually decided that it needed to run beneath downtown Santiago and the Mapocho River, a shallow waterway that bisects the city and serves as a drainage ditch for winter storms and spring thaws from the Andes towering nearby.
A MOTORIST crawled into the boot of his car to get to an air pocket after he swerved off a road and landed upside down in a drainage ditch.
The leachate flows through the additional drainage ditch and the Paaskula River into the Vaana River (Fig.
This big drainage ditch made a construction worker see spots