drainage ditch

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a ditch for carrying off excess water or sewage

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Jake, who was out to inspect the work yesterday morning, said: "They have done what was done before and dug a drainage ditch and made access to the 12ft drainpipe running into Lindley Moor Road.
com/what-sherin-mathews-cause-death-missing-texas-toddlers-body-released-2607675) body was later found in a drainage ditch by investigators, her father changed his story, telling authorities he watched the girl choke on her milk and then removed her body from the home.
15pm on Wednesday after reports of a man falling down a slope into a five metre drainage ditch in woodlands near to the Station Hotel.
The scope of the repair would include excavating and removing the existing drainage ditch and canal crossings which both included three runs of 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe.
The drainage ditch is filled with canary reed grass, thistles and blackberries, which goats love to eat, said their owner, Briana Murphy of Sherwood, northwest of Wilsonville.
Sputnik News reports that TEPCO, which is also managing remediation efforts at the site (with guidance from the Japanese government), concealed from the public the fact that highly contaminated radioactive water has been flowing from the drainage ditch directly into the ocean.
20pm on Sunday after the pony became stuck in a drainage ditch.
Tepco said sandbags were placed downstream to save radioactive substances from reaching the ocean, but rainwater may have caused the water in the ditch to overflow them and carry toxic materials in surrounding areas into the drainage ditch.
In one of Moore's first studies, he spent 28 days evaluating the transport and capture of atrazine and lambda-cyhalothrin in a 160-foot section of a vegetated agricultural drainage ditch in Mississippi.
TWO young girls who died after a car crashed into a roadside drainage ditch were sisters.
Soil testing found elevated levels of the contaminants in a stormwater drainage ditch behind a commercial warehouse, and at two adjacent residential properties.
The scheme will also feature a new drainage ditch and pedestrian footbridge in the north-west corner.
The remediation will involve correcting the erosion on private land at the southwest corner of Highway 403 and Garden Avenue where a drainage ditch cut off access to the north part of the property.
This isn't a skatepark, but rather a perfect drainage ditch in Guadalajara.
It is now two months since FfionWyn Roberts was found strangled in a drainage ditch close to her home at Porthmadog in Gwynedd.