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The hypsometric curve describes the distribution of elevation across an area of land, form one drainage basin to the entire planet.
2008), the point-source emissions of phosphorus to the Emajogi River alone accounted for about 81% of the total point-source loading in the Estonian part of the Lake Peipsi drainage basin in 2005.
3, illustrates the eleven drainage basins of the Altai study area, while the second, figure 1.
The expedition has also conducted archeological surveys at the archeological sites on the dry margins of the desert extending to the internal drainage basin of the valleys which flow into the central part of the desert where the archeological city of al-Andareen is located.
Professor McDougall and his colleagues examined geological evidence found in the Kibish Formation and the history of the River Nile's drainage basin during their research.
While work, tentatively scheduled for Monday, will close the entire road while a 15-foot-deep drainage basin is installed in the middle of the road, the plan is to try to keep one lane open whenever possible, with a traffic light allowing for orderly flow, similar to the situation on Mechanic Street, in Leominster, leading from Lancaster toward the Mall at Whitney Field.
After having digitised the stream network from up-to-downstream, the next move is to individualise each-order drainage basin, in which case the processes is reversed, namely, proceeding from highest-to-lowest magnitudes.
Flowing from Huyton to Hightown, taking in a drainage basin of 89 square kms, the Alt is believed to have been responsible for the disappearance of an ancient hamlet as far back as 1577.
Korle is the largest drainage basin in Accra and also the main outlet of water from all other drainage basins in the city.
Water basin" is defined as the Manitoba portion of the Hudson Bay drainage basin.
The facility, considered the premier native plant conservatory in the southeastern United States, displays plant species that are native to the Pearl River Drainage Basin of south central Mississippi and Louisiana.
Michigan Representative Pam Byrnes to the Associated Press about a proposal to regulate large-scale exports of bottled water outside the Great Lakes drainage basin.
Besides the graffiti, the vandals ripped off a wooden door leading to the roof and threw it into a nearby drainage basin, removed a window screen and wrapped it around a wooden cross on the church roof at the back of the property and disconnected a green slide from the church playground.
Farmers who enroll land in the new program, known as the Ohio River Basin CREP, will adopt land-management practices that help reduce sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus entering the basin, improving water quality, groundwater quality and wildlife habitat in the Ohio River, the third-largest drainage basin into the Gulf of Mexico.
The experimental forest is in the 15,800-acre drainage basin of Lookout Creek, a tributary of Blue River and the McKenzie River.