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In next step the ArcHydro Tool converts stream link into drainage line for the whole drainage basin.
Ekbatan dam drainage basin is 10 Kilometers for From the north-east of Hamedan and has 22155 ha expanse and is Situated in geographical limitation of 48[degrees]28'14" to 48[degrees]41'3" of eastern longitude and to 34[degrees]45'5" of northern latitude in Central Zagros.
The results allowed the scientists to begin to identify the environmental factors that drive erosion rates in drainage basins and outcrops of bedrock.
3]-N, and organic N load all increased linearly with increasing drainage outflow (figures 3A, 3B, and 3C), indicating that the driver for N load from all of these drainage basins was primarily dependent upon the amount of water outflow per unit area (outflow corrected for the drainage basin size).
As the understanding of the inter-connection of surface river systems and underground resources has increased, both have generally been incorporated into the notion of an international watercourse or drainage basin.
Maryland lies within the 64,000-square-mile drainage basin of the Chesapeake Bay, our nation's largest and most productive estuary.
Land use maps and drainage basin boundary maps had already been digitized using standard AutoCAD drafting commands.
on February 21, 2010, 100,000 gallons of wastewater outflowed from the manhole, located i mile west of Mountain Creek Parkway, and u mile south of I-20, discharging into a low lying area of the Mountain Creek drainage basin.
These sediments contain information that can provide data on past changes in nitrogen application in the drainage basin from agricultural fertilizers, records of past flooding and hurricane events, to name a few," Bianchi said.
The Tone River, which flows through eastern Japan's Kanto region, is the second-longest river in Japan and has the largest drainage basin.
The homeowners associations contend that their private gate was approved by the county of Los Angeles before the city's incorporation in return for land for a drainage basin.
It has long been known that the annual discharge of the Cub exceeds the total annual precipitation within its drainage basin (U.
The four-year-old RAIN project (Reversing Acidification in Norway) has focused on a small drainage basin -- called a catchment -- in the southernmost region of Norway, a sensitive area that receives a significant amount of acidic precipitation.
3M, located one-half mile west of HWY 1382, one-half mile east of Bardin Road, and three-fourths mile south of I-20, discharging into a low lying area of the Mountain Creek drainage basin.
Tenders are invited for a 1997 drainage study titled dry creek drainage basin improvement study considered the stormwater system and proposed improvements for a 5-year recurrence interval storm to not flood the streets and reduce the 100-year flood level.