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Phase 1 closure of the bottom drainage area located in the fossil skeleton waste center.
Users can mine this database using different criteria--for example, peak value exceeding the 95th percentile of the peak flow record, duration, by defining drainage area ranges, and so on.
The USDA assessed nine of 10 dams in the Sudbury, Assabet, Concord Rivers drainage area built between 1962 and 1987.
section] 46A-10A-31, the drainage plans or projects of a unit of local government and existing coordinated drainage areas formed pursuant to [S.
To what extent do the estimates of the slope and drainage area, and thus also the topographic wetness index, vary with the resolution of the digital elevation model for a peat land area?
The airplane was located on the north side of a drainage area that leads up the center of the canyon, and it was approximately 250 feet below the canyon's ridgeline.
1994; SCS, 1972) applied to the total feedlot drainage area, which included the feedlot plus any additional area including the settling basin.
Lawrence River to other watersheds outside the drainage area.
Helen, a teacher from Bangor, Co Down, fell into a drainage area and escaped with serious back and internal injuries.
2] values, of regression relationships between empirical observations of instream pollutant concentrations and land type, by considering the spatial distribution of key land-type categories within the sample point's drainage area.
The size of the rain garden depends on the size of the drainage area.
A GIS (Geographic Information System)-based approach was used to delineate the drainage area above each site and determine the land use characteristics of the sub-watershed.
The ditch is in the Beasley agricultural drainage area in Mississippi and is one of three watershed/lake combinations being studied as part of the Mississippi Delta Management Systems Evaluation Area (MDMSEA).
To keep Grand Forks, North Dakota from flooding for 20 days, you'd need to restore about six percent of the drainage area to wetlands, notes Hulsey.