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Our hypothesis is that estimates of the slope as well as drainage area are influenced by resolution, especially on relatively flat ground, like a peat land.
While it is difficult to make an accurate assessment of the drainage areas because of the natural fracturing that occurs in the area, based on gross perforations and net pays, the average drainage area for each of these wells is calculated to be 12 acres or less.
Fremont is a culture named and defined in the 1920s and once alive in the Fremont River drainage area of Utah.
Meanwhile, Miller said searchers this week have been looking for the missing woman in the Horse Creek drainage area, south of Highway 126 near McKenzie Bridge.
He got onto the roof, dropped 20ft to a drainage area, knocked a hole in the wall, smashed security glass and removed shutters.
The main issue with that site is that it's part of a large water drainage area for that section of the city,'' Deputy Superintendent Lori Ordway-Peck said.
For each site, sediment geochemistry, upstream drainage area, land use, geology, quantity of poultry operations, and sediment particle size were quantified and entered into a Geographical Information System (GIS) to create a spatial model of source geography.
Given the expected drainage areas of these horizontal wells will be rectangular rather than square there should be a further 4 wells locations available to take the development spacing to a 320 acre drainage area.
The SRBC is a federal-interstate compact agency, with boundaries determined not by state lines but by the Susquehanna River and its many tributaries that form the 27,510 square mile drainage area.
The renewed search begins Friday, when about three dozen searchers from Lane and surrounding counties will return to the French Pete Creek drainage area.
Such success wasn't expected for a program formed to fill in for a suddenly disbanded tennis team, one that plays on a field - a drainage area for the school's main parking lot - that floods enough when it rains for the team to launch a canoe on it.
Consultancy firm Haswells is surveying sewers in Leamington's Upper Lillington Road, Telford Road and Leicester Lane, and a drainage area study for Clarendon Street, Arlington Avenue and Wathen Road looks set to be completed by March.
Four searchers covered the French Pete Creek drainage area Friday, a day after an independent hiker working in cooperation with the sheriff's office found part of a hiking guidebook believed to be Xu's.
The concessions are located partly in the district of Brokopondo where the creeks flow into the Blommenstein reservoir, forming part of the drainage area of the Suriname River, and the district of Sipaliwini where the creeks are part of the drainage area of the Marowijne River.
This tender includes all planning services for the renovation of the drainage area in the factory Hagenholz.