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Synonyms for drainage

Synonyms for drainage

emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it


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I've seen men from Chicago sit in a gondola in Venice on a moonlight night and brag about their drainage canal.
It was not the dead-tiredness that comes through brief and excessive effort, from which recovery is a matter of hours; but it was the dead-tiredness that comes through the slow and prolonged strength drainage of months of toil.
All it needs is a little common sense an' a lot of drainage.
Above all, in public institutions, and throughout the whole of every town and city, the system of ventilation, and drainage, and removal of impurities requires to be thoroughly revised.
Gas and ventilation, drainage and water-service, all of the primest quality.
Two were playing dominoes at one of the little tables; three or four were seated round the stove, conversing as they smoked; the billiard-table in the centre was left alone for the time; the landlady of the Daybreak sat behind her little counter among her cloudy bottles of syrups, baskets of cakes, and leaden drainage for glasses, working at her needle.
The contribution of preferential flow of effluent to whole-farm pollutant losses in subsurface drainage from a West Otago dairy farm.
Data collected includes information for 51 species, including new drainage records for 37 species and status updates for 40 species.
The Concrete Pipeline Systems Association (CPSA), Leicester, England, may have a whole new look but it is as focussed as ever in its quest to provide the UK sewage and drainage industry with the best possible advice and information regarding concrete drainage products.
Due to these more stringent and complicated requirements, it may be necessary to develop more creative drainage designs that will satisfy both Local and State stormwater regulations, even for Water Quality and Quantity Control on urban projects.
The experts interviewed for this article cited several examples of performance chemical use that help improve machine efficiency, promote consistent retention and drainage, increase machine speed, and lower energy consumption.
PALMDALE - Faced with the possibility of having to do major street and storm drainage work, Palmdale School District officials are evaluating whether to drop plans to build a school on property in central Palmdale.
The underground drainage systems that criss-cross much of the U.
These researchers also reviewed some reports with similar experience in the United States and further suggested that incision and drainage without adjunctive antimicrobial therapy were effective in immunocompetent children for CA-MRSA SSTIs <5 cm in diameter.