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slender-bodied non-stinging insect having iridescent wings that are outspread at rest

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subpictus larvae consumed by nymphs of each dragonfly species during the lights-on phase (05:00-17:00, Indian Standard Time [IST]) and the lights-off phase (17:00-05:00, IST) were counted at 3-hour intervals for 24 hours.
Of the many remaining questions about dragonfly migration, Wikelski is particularly interested in finding out how much energy their journeys require.
Beyond the satisfaction in discovering details of the lives of charismatic animals, the new approaches to dragonfly ecology have implications for conserving these creatures and the wetlands they rule.
Mathew Kaye, sales and marketing director at the company, said: 'This deal with DeVere is the first time we have sold the Dragonfly, but we are already getting expressions of interest from South America, Canada and Asia.
The dead dragonfly would be dried out in its natural flying position and a pin inserted through the head and neck and into the body to add weight to the dried out insect.
Dragonflies are among the most ancient of living creatures, with fossil records dating back 300 million years, predating dinosaurs by over 100 million years and birds by some 150 million, according to the World Dragonfly Association.
Dragonfly Kites, short-listed for the Governor General's Award for Best Children's Illustration, is a gorgeous feast for the eye that captures the poetry of land, lake, river and sky.
The hero of CQ, which is set in Paris of 1969, is a self-absorbed American named Paul (Jeremy Davies, doing his mopey, hands-in-pockets thing) who is engaged as a film editor on a Barbarella-like sci-fi fantasy named Dragonfly.
Dragonfly Moroccan Mint and Dragonfly Moonlight Jasmine are the new additions to the Dragonfly range of specialty teas and chai.
Dragonfly Moroccan Mint and Dragonfly Moonlight Jasmine are the new additions to the Dragonfly range of speciality teas and chai that are refreshing our tea drinking culture in the UK with new flavours that are healthy.
Dragonfly is soon to be adapted into a PBS television series, and Myers is determined that the show be more than passive entertainment.
A HUGE pounds 18million leisure complex has been scrapped - to save a tiny dragonfly.
Josie's Dragonfly Trust is holding the Dragonfly Golf Day at the Newcastle United Golf Club next month.