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small often brightly colored scaleless marine bottom-dwellers

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Breeding season, spawning time, and description of spawning behaviour in the Japanese ornate dragonet, Callionymus ornatipinnis: a preliminary field study at the northern limit of its range.
New Heroic Dungeon - The Dragonet of Fire Forest just got meaner in the new heroic difficulty "Forgotten Forest"
Under his strong leadership as chairman from 2006 to 2009, the NFWF has grown into a highly respected conservation institution and expanded its programs from a national focus to a global one, including protection of the Bird's Head Seascape reefs which, this beautiful dragonet species calls home.
Hake, goby, sole, and dragonet all appeared to select their environments on the basis of general physical features (PC1).
The only dragonet known from the Eastern Pacific is Synchiropus atrilabiatus (Garman 1899), which is found primarily off Mexico and Central America (Grove and Lavenberg 1997).
The first book of the "Wings of Fire" series, Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy kicks off an epic saga of intelligent dragons
Skin structure in six dragonet species (Gobiesociformes: Callionymidae): interspecific differences in glandular cell types and mucus secretion.
34) While the tree trunks twist themselves into hideous postures (rendered positively spectral by the Forest's ancestral antiquity (35)), the willow, the monarch of the valley, metamorphoses into a half-plant-like, half-human monster, pawing the air with its long-fingered hands, its roots transformed into dragonets (154).
There are also the usual pouting, coalfish and whiting and a few dragonets taken.