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tall tree of the Canary Islands

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Dragon tree CALATHEA MAKOYANA: THE PRAYER PLANT CALATHEAS have some of the most stunning foliage you'll find on a houseplant, and they do brilliantly in shady spots.
Lanchester Wine Cellars is aiming to fire up the adult soft drinks market with new semi-sparkling offering Dragon Tree Kombucha.
In a private garden at Icod de los Vinos on Tenerife, there is a dragon tree believed to be over a thousand years old.
Enjoy the Dragon Tree Gym, tennis courts, swimming pools, spacious steam rooms, therapy pools, and meditative gardens.
Areca Palm Lady Palm Bamboo Palm Rubber Plant Dracaena "Janet Craig" English Ivy Dwarf Date Palm Ficus Alii Boston Fern Peace Lily Corn Plant Golden Pothos Kimberley Queen Florist's Mum Gerbera Daisy Dracaena "Warneckei" Dragon Tree Red Emerald Philodendron Syngonium Dumb Cane Parlor Palm Weeping Fig Schefflera Wax Begonia Lacy Tree Philodendron Heart-Leaf Philodendron Snake Plant Elephant Ear Philodendron Norfolk Island Pine King of Hearts
Behind the seating area is a 100-foot-long stream that widens to 20 feet across to accommodate an island dominated by a Madagascar dragon tree and narrows to about two feet, where water from a stone waterfall ripples over rocks.
The other two are a Ficus religiosa in Sri Lanka and a Dragon tree in the Canary Islands, indicating that the World Tree Foundation is already far-flung in its reach.
Dragon Tree, Icod de Los Vinos, Tenerife WE SPENT three days aboard the good ship Balmoral before our cruise reached its first destination.
A parlour palm, large dragon tree or yucca will fill the hole left by a Christmas tree nicely.
Taura wood and metal pendant light; Deca rectangular multiaperture frame; rounded MDF architrave; single hook; single light switch; medium dragon tree two stem; satin stainless steel effect select round rose handle; Ostra 3D felt circle cushion, duck egg; Kamryn polka dot poms cushion, lime; Malghera stripe buckle cushion, denim; Ximax vulkan square horizontal radiator, anthracite grey, 1185 x 600mm; Lark round white pot; Graphite polished porcelain tiles, black, all B&Q
The dragon tree - Dracaena draco - has produced its flower spike at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire.
Or, descend the other side of Mount Teide to Icod de Los Vinos, where you can see the centuries-old Dragon Tree with its enormous trunk and sword-shaped leaves.
Agents Strutt and Parker, of Chester, state: "Worthy of mention is a dragon tree carving which actually breathes fire upon entering.
On song Despite a hectic start to the New Year, I managed to catch up with award-winning singer songwriter Cheryl Beer over a coffee and to hear about her new production, The Dragon Tree.