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American herb having sharply serrate lanceolate leaves and spikes of blue to violet flowers

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The dragon's head and the entire line stand still until the following words are shouted, "em, er, san, ko
Kerakin arrived early to the cottage, with the magic ring on his finger and the Dragon's Head Chest in his arm.
A dragon boat is a 30 or 40ft vessel with an ornately carved dragon's head and tail.
Using his skills in metal, wood and leather carving, the Tujunga resident had crafted two authentic tents and the sort of goods a viking would find for sale at a market fair, such as a wood engraving of the Norse god Odin and a knife with a handle carved with a dragon's head, its mouth clutching a piece of amber.
Before he began dancing, he had a large dragon's head tattooed on his shoulder.
3) Devin Sperling, 15, shows an almost completed dragon's head Tuesday.
A thousand Viking guizers assemble at Hillhead in the Shetlands to throw burning torches into a longship, ending the Up Helly Aa Viking festivalLeft, Victorious driver Jean-Michel Bazire of France crossing the finish line on Kesaco Phedo in the 83th Prix d'Amerique trotting race in Vincennes, outside Paris; top, A dragon's head during the celebrations for the Chinese New Year in London's Trafalgar SquareTop, A man walks through heavy snow in Lerwick as blizzard storms hit the island; top right, a Russian Orthodox believer gets out of the icy water of a lake near Valdai-Iverskiy Monastery in Valdai, Novgorod region, some 250 miles northeast of Moscow.
Make the profile of a dragon's head on a different piece of paper, perhaps in a co-ordinating colour, to be stuck to one end of the concertina.
The sport involves teams of up to 20 paddlers in a brightly-coloured 40-foot boat featuring a dragon's head at the front and tail at the back.
Youngsters at Unity City Academy supplied the home with the dragon's head and staff added material to make the rest of the body.
Old Dragon's Head, in eastern China, has a rather more obvious connection with the creature that gives it its name than Worm's Head, in Gower, which takes it name from the old English word for dragon.
The dragon boats themselves are 15-metre long "canoes" decorated with a dragon's head and tail.
PUSHING THE BOAT OUT: Members of Coventry's Chinese community work on a dragon boat for Saturday's fun event and (right) Lai Wah Bang puts the finishing touches to a dragon's head.
Canoe-like crafts made of fiberglass and wood are painted in splashy colors with a dragon's head at the bow and its tail along the stern.