dragon's mouth

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a bog orchid with usually a solitary fragrant magenta pink blossom with a wide gaping corolla

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Back in the steel dragon's mouth, Airman Kyser applies his new knowledge and uses a circle pattern as he shoots down 200 gallons of water per minute onto the roaring flames.
When the dragon's mouth opens, Graves will be discovered sitting in a hot red chaise lounge resting on the dragon's tongue.
Snapdragon (Antirrhinum), have lots of colour and the kids will enjoy pinching the blossom gently to make the dragon's mouth open.
BRAVE: This young knight put his head into the dragon's mouth
The Straight from the Dragon's Mouth event was at Dudley's Showcase Cinema, and was arranged by Black Country Chamber & Business Link.
The first beer in the series is Dragon's Mouth Barley Wine (see photo and caption at right).
The fluffy, fleet-footed carrot-cruncher careered off in the direction of the Dragon's Mouth entrance to the arena before coming within a whisker or two of meeting it's maker.
The lights went out, the air horns screamed and the loud music competed with the deafening roar of engines emanating from the bowels of the stadium up the Dragon's Mouth and into the amphitheatre awaiting the riders.