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Along with her warrior, Trent, Avril embarks on a journey to find the Dragon's Eye and restore peace to the territory.
Mr Brunstrom sparked anger among police colleagues when he told BBC Wales's Dragon's Eye programme that he was prepared to see the Class A drug sold on the street or through pharmacies, as reported earlier.
If you've traveled to Asia, you may have eaten a longan--also called dragon's eye.
The decision to scrap the long-running Dragon's Eye programme in favour of an out-sourced show led to concerns from politicians that BBC Wales was seeking to dilute its political coverage.
The Welsh political programmes Dragon's Eye and afternoon based AM:PM will be axed.
As regards cuts, one of the things that has been mentioned as I understand it is only Wales Today and one programme, Week In Week Out, would be available for Welsh issues and politics - nothing from the party conferences, no Dragon's Eye, no Politics Show, nothing else.
And the intensely personal nature of this battle was shown on the BBC's Dragon's Eye last week when candidates Jenny Randerson and Kirsty Williams, right, were interviewed sitting on the same sofa - and could barely disguise their contempt for each other.
Ancient spells and charms will help you advance to the Dragon's Eye.
The First Minister was due to appear on BBC Wales political show Dragon's Eye.
He despatches his hulking henchman Damodar (Bruce Payne) to locate the fabled Dragon's Eye gem, which will give him control of an army of red dragons - sufficient firepower to overthrow the Empress.
Players are offered selections from ten single and multi-player games including: Classic Shanghai, Shanghai Dynasty, Shanghai Pandamonium, Shanghai for Kids, Shanghai Windstorm, Shanghai Power Dragon's Eye and four versions of the genuine multi-player Mah-Jongg game.
Flagship BBC Wales politics show Dragon's Eye will disappear due to the cuts.
The cold winter sunshine brings a sparkle to this dragon's eye Pictures: COLIN LANE/ tmcl051210ricelanefarm-2 Chinese Dragons from Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu club bless the Rice Lane Farm centre on Sunday Code: tmcl051210 ricelanefarm-7
The Lib Dems had accused Mr Smith, a former producer of the BBC Wales political programme Dragon's Eye, of no longer having local connections and living in Surrey.
Ancient spells and dragon charms will help in your pursuit to be the first dragonologist to master these magnificent creatures and advance to the Dragon's Eye.