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an interpreter and guide in the Near East

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However, she soon forgets the potholes in the roads and the Subsequently the Sultan received the Nawab, guided by Dragoman Fitzmaurice, privately in an anteroom of the palace.
We also lay claim to having the first ever Cypriot casino built in 1878, the 16th century Ayia Katerini church, the 12th century Ayia Paraskevi church and the village church was built with the funds provided by our most famous and influential resident in history, the dragoman Hadjigeorgaki Kornesio who died in 1804," said Charalambous.
together with the Grand Sacristan His Eminence Archbishop Sevan Gharibian and the Chief Dragoman the very Reverend Father
Within the last few years, major works by Peter Nadas, Laszla Krasznahorkai, Peter Esterhazy--three of the brightest contemporary stars--as well as novels by Dezso Kosztolanyi, Imre Kertesz, Gyorgy Konrad, Antal Szerb, Magda Szabo, Sandor Marai, Gyorgy Faludy, Gyorgy Dragoman, Attila Bartis, Gyula Krudy, and others have appeared in English.
They had a near monopoly on such high offices in the Ottoman bureaucracy as the governorship of the Romanian provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia and the post of the imperial dragoman (literally, "translator," but with wider duties and responsibilities).
It might help to add to their data the medieval English and German loanword Dragoman, from turjuman (with [g]
It appears not only in the murder of the prosecutor and a mysterious poisoning of the commune's remaining livestock, but in an unseen assassin in a monastery who stalks and murders the Dragoman (the guide who, wittingly or unwittingly, leads the hostages into Alexander's trap, a potential double agent).
The prize, which is being offered in conjunction with tour operator Dragoman.
This 16-day trip is organised by the UK-based adventure specialist Dragoman, in association with Andina Travels for Pound 1,070 (Rs 76,109) (exclusive of airfares) per person.
They learned to cope with a thieving dragoman, with feckless natives and with health-threatening foods.
No-one can compete with a consul in the market except another consul His dragoman [interpreter] is in much the same position as a solicitor of a small county town in England.
Speaking ahead of Thursday's gig at Edinburgh Castle, Le Bon, 50, said: "The show was called Dragoman.
Alewife Alnager Armourer Baker Barber Brewer Cobbler Dragoman Fish-fag Hangman Lavender Mercer Midwife Minstrel Scrivener Sempster Smith Tapster Tinker Wakeman
Dragoman (National Institute of Research and Development in Micron Technology, Romania) and Dragoman (physics, U.