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a system of coordinated measures for apprehending (criminals or other individuals)

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a conical fishnet dragged through the water at great depths

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He said the president had given him assurances that any illegalities noticed in the use of dragnets would result in licences being revoked.
He said he believes the profession stands no chance of survival if dragnets are brought in and 500 families will be adversely affected by the government's decision.
I hope the EU hears our calls as only over our dead bodies will we allow them to use dragnets," Charalambous said.
It is the minister's and the president's assertion that if fishermen are adversely affected by dragnets then the licences will be revoked.
Fishery department head, Loizos Loizides said there will be a stringent process, which will be evaluated in one month, for anyone wishing to apply for a dragnet licence.
Proponents of properly conducted DNA dragnets make comparisons to drunk driving roadblocks and the widespread fingerprinting of all people present at or near a crime scene; they claim that when samples are freely provided, there is no Fourth Amendment violation.
18) Ironically, suspect databanks created through dragnets may provide less protection for those who voluntarily provide genetic material than for those who are actually indicted but then acquitted, since in many states the law requires the destruction of DNA evidence once a person is exonerated but leaves dragnet databases completely unregulated.
For example, a person voluntarily providing genetic material during the course of a DNA dragnet could consent specifically to have his DNA used in that investigation, but could refuse consent to be included in a DNA database once the investigation at hand is complete.