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a system of coordinated measures for apprehending (criminals or other individuals)

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a conical fishnet dragged through the water at great depths

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Fishermen had been up in arms over government intentions to issue licences for dragnet fishing, a move they said would drive them out of business.
This dragnet program also apparently violated the Stored Communications Act.
For example, a person voluntarily providing genetic material during the course of a DNA dragnet could consent specifically to have his DNA used in that investigation, but could refuse consent to be included in a DNA database once the investigation at hand is complete.
The film has the working title Dragnet and writer-director Steve Hudson is already in the north-east scouting for locations.
When they go fishing for taxpayer-funded subsidies, founder Johnny Morris and his team take along a dragnet.
They often were based in Los Angeles, California, and portrayed the stoic and professional officer, such as those depicted on Dragnet and Adam 12, aloof and removed from the community and, thereby, "protected" from the untoward political interference of an earlier time.
Experts warn, however, that even if the current dragnet succeeds in capturing Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda will remain potent and will have to be dealt with on the global scale as well as regionally on the Wahhabi scale.
Earlier this year the CDT requested a list of the blocked sites, so it could see how many non-porn pages had been swept up in the virtual dragnet.
If verified, it would provide the first evidence in a year that bin Laden survived American bombs in Afghanistan and has hidden from a global dragnet.
52 and the Chinese dragnet fishing boat Zhe Ling No.
Somehow this ecclesiastical dragnet aimed at all secular music got focused almost exclusively on the song "Danny Boy" in recent months.
Conference of Mayors on October 26--the day that the legislation was signed--that FBI and Justice Department officials would use the new anti-terrorism bill to broaden the dragnet to catch suspected terrorists and their associates.
China's squid fishing in the northern Pacific and the Sea of Japan will be reduced by 7,500 tons from this year to 52,546 tons, while 10,000 tons of dragnet fishing for China has been approved, the same amount as this year, in the East China Sea.
Every two-bit local wannabe G-man joined the dragnet, searching out and identifying "communist spies.
The news comes at a time when 71pc of businesses say they want to take control of their own e-business functionality, according to a recent survey by Dragnet E-Business.