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Synonyms for draggled

limp and soiled as if dragged in the mud


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His face and neck were hidden beneath a black beard, intershot with grey, which would have been stiff and bushy had it not been limp and draggled and dripping with water.
Marie was lying on the floor at the old woman's feet, hungry, torn, draggled, crying, miserable.
Five," I corrected, "counting in the dark gray fishing outfit with the draggled pockets.
Why what bloodshot, draggled, dishevelled spectacle is this
Hall's interest in aesthetics first emerges when, shortly after arriving in New York City, he uses the occasion to visit an art gallery, which leads him to bemoan a walk through the rain: "we were not repaid for our draggled clothes and soaking feet, by what we saw there.
gt; 1706 Trundle-tail, a Wench that runs fisking up and down with a draggled Tail).
household that Miller repaired--"wet, dripping, draggled, muddy
The nature of the beasts they saw was changing, the cattle shorterlegged and shaggy, with wide horns, the sheep all colours from beige to parti-coloured, their fleeces long and draggled.
The draggled fringes of the 10' halo appear sparsely populated, while its inner reaches sport many relatively bright stars.
Blossom after blossom crept past them, draggled by the ungenial year: some had cankered, others would never unfold: here and there beauty triumphed, but desperately, flickering in a world of gloom.
Once, a draggled kitten peeked its head out from her coat.
George Orwell's survey of McGill's visual jokes includes a misogynistic joke dependent on the ossification of the other: 'Countless postcards show draggled hags of the stage charwoman type exchanging "unladylike" abuse.
Poor little things in battered bonnets and draggled skirts, who would dream upon ten shillings a week; a drunken mother striving to hush a child that dies beneath a dripping shawl; a harlot embittered by feelings of commercial resentment; troops of labourers battered and bruised with toil: you see their hang-dog faces, their thin coats, their shirts torn and revealing the beast-like hair on their chests; you see also the Irish-Americans, with their sinister faces, and broad-brimmed hats, standing scowling beneath the pale flickering gas-lamps, and, when the block brought the carriages to a standstill, sometimes no more than a foot of space separated their occupants from the crowd on the pavement's edge.
The broad firm cheeks droop into a pouched flush as they sink downward into his draggled lace collar.
It was down an alley near the cemetery, a small sea-green house flaking chunks of itself, half-hidden by shrubs and a draggled row of saplings.