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It's this peeping-through-the-keyhole theme that permeates Silicon Boys, dragging down a wanna-be "Fear and Loathing in Silicon Valley" to the level of a Kitty Kelley celebrity biography.
Dragging down the stock market were investors' jitters about the settlement of the Daewoo Group's liquidity problem.
A bunch of cold atoms are dragging down light's speedy reputation.
While the amount of data continues to increase, it's the number of sources employees must search to find and verify information that is dragging down productivity the most," said Cheryl Gutowski, research analyst, of Nucleus Research.
Also dragging down Amgen shares, sales of Enbrel are expected to come in at the low end or below Amgen's forecast of $750 million to $800 million for 2002, said Bider.
Hundreds of flights were cancelled when an enormous crater appeared between the airport's two main runways, dragging down car parks and causing buildings to sway.