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someone who pulls or tugs or drags in an effort to move something


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a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish

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They started to warn that the offshore draggers were depleting the stocks too quickly, but nobody took much notice of them.
The Miami Group--Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Uruguay and the United States--stood out as the official foot draggers at the Nairobi meetings; only Argentina signed the protocol.
The sports media were gobbling down their free pre-game meal and lamenting the inevitable: The Islanders--a sportswriter's dream loaded with a group of articulate, honest, and stand-up players--eventually would be eliminated (it didn't happen until the next round against Montreal) and the great gathering of pencil pushers and microphone draggers would have to return to the baseball beat.
The contest invited "skiers, snowboarders, shredders, rippers, powder pirates, knuckle draggers, board bunnies" to submit a video essay explaining why they would be the perfect ski bum.
Because they swim deep during the day and rise to middle depths during the night, most of the New England catch comes from draggers.
Marines, Martin has logged over 4,200 hours and has flown more than 50 different models of aircraft ranging from single-engine tail draggers, to military fighter jets, to commercial airliners.
The Kort nozzle propulsion system is used world wide on thousands of tug boats, fishing boats, inland river boats, passenger boats and supply vessels and draggers.
Colby asserts that the flounder that should be in these waters now were netted by commercial draggers, who are allowed to keep 500 pounds of them each day.
He was a founding member of the Kodiak Shrimp Trawlers Association, which later became the Alaska Draggers Association.
Rebecca is ranked among the top 20 speakers in the world and Marlena is a champion debater, but the knuckle draggers in the GUU ignored what they had to say and heckled them over their hair, their clothes and their figures.
As for the deplorable fishing in his region this summer, Colby believes the majority of stripers that would normally reside in Boston Harbor were wiped out by draggers last winter.
He started out by cutting spare, crackling instrumentals like the echo-laden ``Space Guitar,'' moving on to churchy Ray Charles-style tail- draggers and even a jazz album in the '60s before turning to the danceable, syncopated r&b so popular the following decade.
Plus supervisors can track employees' participation and the technology can send automatic reminders to foot draggers.
Modern woman may be in the boardroom playing FTSE but no matter how much we progress, there will always be men unable to keep their knuckle draggers to themselves.