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Synonyms for dragger

someone who pulls or tugs or drags in an effort to move something


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a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish

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The Tail-Dragger Dragger tugs also have two drive wheels, however, they clamp on to the tailwheel and lift it off of the ground.
What inshore fisheries existed in the places where the Spanish draggers went after the cod moratorium in 1992?
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dragger Make complete back plate model No PSS 3000, with all accessories like FIXED LDV, ANALOGUE GAUGE, MASK (EXCEPT CYLINDER) with manufacturing and guaranty
Mohammad Sher along with his sons and brothers grabbed Ramazan and hit him with clubbed and stabbed with a dragger, killing hi on the spot.
Also, Generator's ability to programme the best emerging talent in the region and beyond has provided a fantastic platform for new acts to follow in the footsteps of Lulu James, Mausi, Beth Jeans Houghton, The Lake Poets, Nadine Shah, Lisbon, We Are Knuckle Dragger and Boy Jumps Ship.
While nine microbreweries from across Britain - Scotland's Alechemy and Cromarty, the music oriented Signature, Beavertown, Redwillow, Tiny Rebel, Lovibonds, Harbour and Moor - will each be sending three of their beers to be served alongside a trio of Anarchy's ales, which may include one of the business' recent band inspired brews, Grin and Bear It, and We Are Knuckle Dragger.
This lady lawyer is the greatest living dragger of police malfeasance into the light.
Supply of the hospitals' requirements of cables for the Siemens & Dragger branded monitors at both the Operation Theaters' Division and the Intensive Care Division.
It was a high-wing, fixed-gear tail dragger with a 195 horsepower Lycoming R-680-9 nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine.
The next chapter, "GPS for the Heel Dragger," turned on the light bulb for something I should have figured out by this time, but have been too busy figuring out how to work around the problem.
We haven't come to any decisions about the impact on the habitat from using dragger technology.
Joe Frankland, artist development manager at Generator, says: "We're all really proud that Evolution Emerging has given an early platform to a massive number of the North East's biggest artists - Lulu James, Mausi, Lanterns on the Lake, The Lake Poets, Beth Jeans Houghton, We Are Knuckle Dragger, Eva Stone and Boy Jumps Ship to name but a few.
So far B>E>A>K, Rossi Noise, WTCHRS, Static Soul, Infectiouz, We Are Knuckle Dragger, Humanism, Patched Up Heroes, Gallery Circus, Warning
Hazro police recovered illegal pistol with bullets from the possession of under physical remand accused of murder Faisal Shehzad, Bhater police arrested Naveed Ishaq with illegal dragger, Tahir Mehmood for liquor, Adil Shehzad for iron fist, Muhammad Ijaza for revolver with bullets, Attock city police arrested Muhammad Mumtaza with charas of 110 grams, Attock Saddar police arrested Gillani Bux with two bottles of liquor, Zafar Iqbal for 120 grams chars, Mudassar Iqbal for chars of 103 grams, Hasanabdal police drunk Tahir Mehmood, two bottles liquor from the accused Naveed Ahmed, two bottles liquor the possession of Imran Khan.
He can remember the befuddled pilot who, in 1960, taxied his Cessna tail- dragger down the runway complaining of sticky brakes - unaware of the tie-down rope dragging a large block of concrete.