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silvery candy beads used for decorating cakes

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sugar-coated nut or fruit piece

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pill that is a sugar-coated medicated candy

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Products with brittle shells, such as dragees or chocolate-coated cereals, can now be rapidly packed without significant collision damage thanks to a unique Ishida multihead weigher design.
Sorte de dragee de pate en forme de ris, ou de grene de chambre, que faisoient les mores pour manger,
Tomex[R] Dragees Each dragee contains 200mg of specilly prepared garlic powder URINEX[R] Soft Gelatin Each gelatine capsule Capsules contains: Pinene(a+p) 31mg Camphene 15mg Borneol 10mg Fenchone 4mg Anethole 4mg Cineole 3mg Venoruton[R] Tablet and Venoruton contains O- GEL (p-hydroxyethyl)--rutoside.
On verra si ces moyens informels et inhabituels de tenir la dragee haute au pouvoir central se developperont et se transformeront en systeme plus codifie de freins et de contrepoids, et si ces mecanismes codifies comprendront une forme ou une autre de relations quasi federales entre la Region et le pouvoir central.
The sugar syrup for dragee is cooked to the thread stage [240[degrees]F (116[degrees]C)], typically in a round-bottomed copper pot.
1 Dragee contains 160mg drug extract of Valerian roots (DEV 4-5:1, solvent for extr.
These include several differing blends in vacuum packed, kilo weight, valve bags; blends in tins and pods (including decaf and barley), serial (collectible) sugar bags and espresso cups, Portioli glasses and porcelain, Portioli dragee and coffee candies, Portioli teas in teabags and bottles, chamomile and chocolate drinks, Portioli chocolate spreads, a Portioli coffee table book, brand signs for outdoors and in, mirrors, paper napkins and dispensers, branded clocks, ashtrays, trays, aprons, hats and t-shirts.
Test of the safety, reactogeneity and immunogeneity of live flexneri 2a and sonnei dysentery vaccine from spontaneous mutants, prepared in dragee form, in a controlled experiment on adults.
Other Continental investors include Thorntons, which bought the Martial chocolatier and dragee shops around Paris, and Marks & Spencer which has spread steadily until it is now ready for the toughest nut, Germany.
Ainsi decriee et sa tete mise a prix, Youssef Chahed parviendra-t-il a tenir la dragee haute a ses contempteurs?
Tenant la dragee haute au GSP jusqu'a la 9' (4-2) pour les Berkous et consorts, ils ont fini progressivement par lacher prise se faisant distancer au fil du temps au tableau d'affichage.
Contract awarded for estradiol valerate and norgestrel, dragee 2 mg and 0.
Ce fut en 1971 ou deux etudiants coreens qui habitaient dans une zone universitaire a Fes et qui pratiquaient un art "exotique", ce qui a suscite l'interet de quelques etudiants marocains qui vont, non seulement leur emboiter le pas, mais leur tenir la dragee haute.
FGR - New Hazelnut Dragee - Italian hazelnuts caramelized with milk chocolate made of a mix of Domori white chocolate and Nocciola Tonda Gentile Delle Langhe