drag down

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Synonyms for drag down

exert a force with a heavy weight

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Late or missed payments and exceeding your credit limit can all drag down your credit score.
The housing market remains in the doldrums while oil prices stay on a high plateau, prompting investors to believe higher energy costs will drag down corporate earnings.
Any real attempt to regulate greenhouse gases would only raise the price of gasoline further and drag down the state's economy.
Mercer gives simple and effective advice to help you rid your company of the complaining, blaming crybabies that drag down productivity.
Space made available in the last six months of 2001, however, continued to drag down the city's available supply, which finished the first half of 2002 23% higher than last June at 910,500 SF.
The problems in Argentina, which has the world's seventh-largest economy, could drag down other South American economies.
On the contrary, people's intrusive worries about math temporarily disrupt mental processes needed for doing arithmetic and drag down math competence, report Mark H.