drag coefficient

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the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body

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To take the particle shape in the equation of motion into account, the drag coefficient [c.
Because of the significant difference in particle geometry and thus in drag coefficient between oil shale ash and FCC fine catalyst, the inlet velocity producing the balance between the above effects for oil shale ash is smaller than that for FCC fine catalyst, as observed in our experiment.
The predictions from the two such models were compared with experimental data for a real model of BMW 5-series which has a drag coefficient of 0.
4%, for which the Maskell III method [21] was used to correct the the wind speed, and its influence on the drag coefficient.
In addition to the hybrid drive system, the Insight was small, built of light materials and streamlined with a drag coefficient of 0.
The car's aerodynamics have also been honed to guarantee the same drag coefficient when driving in the open configuration.
And the car's aerodynamics have also been further honed to guarantee the same drag coefficient when driving in the open configuration.
The car's flowing bodywork has been aerodynamically optimised to deliver a drag coefficient of just 0.
He believes the conversation about bullets is going to change forever, thanks to the use of Doppler and its ability to reveal a bullet's true drag coefficient.
Claimed to have the best drag coefficient in its class, top score of 5 stars in Euro NCAP for active and passive safety, new equipment concept with sport and design lines and fuel consumption reduced by up to 21%.
It is to be noted that, in the above models, the global operating conditions are used to deduce the correlation between drag coefficient and voidage (or bed height), which neglect the effect of local information on the drag coefficient.
The cost function in the work is drag coefficient [C.
With lighter components and better drag coefficient, Audi says the all-new Q7 will be 26 percent more efficient than the previous generation.
The sleek vehicle is described as two cars in one an aerodynamics world champion with a drag coefficient value of 0.