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the ratio of the drag on a body moving through air to the product of the velocity and the surface area of the body

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D] = drag coefficient d = ice particle diameter, m (ft) D = pipe diameter, m (ft) F = force, N ([lb.
Most of the correlations have been developed based on a single bubble flow in a stagnant medium and bubble equivalent diameter as a function of the bubble terminal is an important component to calculate the drag coefficient ([C.
Co-author of the study, Jorge Hernandez, said: "Our calculated drag coefficient highlights the outstanding ability of Bolt.
A one-week of intervention, including three classrooms and five poolside instructional sessions with technique feedback and specific visual and kinaesthetic cues, allowed decreasing active drag coefficient and to increase swimming velocity.
The paper has in view a physical method that allows the increase of the lift coefficient, at the same time with the decrease of the drag coefficient.
This expression is good enough for most particles in natural waters, but in those cases where the Reynolds number is too large for the Stokes expression to apply, the drag coefficient has to be obtained in a different manner.
Nor have there been any predictive expressions presented for drag coefficient or Nusselt number in either of these publications.
It uses a combination of lithiumion batteries and regenerative electric motors housed within a lightweight four-seat body with an unrivalled aerodynamic drag coefficient of just 0.
These designs help HondaJet achieve a low drag coefficient.
Citroen already builds some of the most fuel-efficient engines in the world and the C4's ability to sip rather than guzzle petrol and diesel will be further improved by best-in-class aerodynamics with a drag coefficient of 0.
He said the latest fabrics are far superior in drag coefficient to even shaven skin.
Its specially designed, streamlined body had an extremely low air resistance, or drag coefficient, allowing the car to slip smoothly through troublesome crosswinds.
The 2013 model features a new front fascia, which decreased the Leaf's drag coefficient from 0.
It is also wider and lower, helping to create a lower drag coefficient.