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not airtight


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If you have a historical home, you typically spend gobs of money replacing drafty windows.
How about the one about a person catching a cold by sleeping in a cool, drafty room or by going outside with wet hair?
We would be invited into someone's house and test it using a large fan called a blower door to find out how drafty their house was, where the leaks were, or whether it was filled with bad air from being too airtight.
The disadvantages to marrying an English lord could mean a loveless or distant relationship punctuated by the lord's marital affairs, being surrounded by stifling classism, neglect, and having to live in a drafty, uncomfortable castle.
Carafes full of strong tea offered warmth in the drafty room, but some who were feeling festive drained a bottle of raki, an aniseed liquor with an alcohol content slightly higher than most whiskeys.
Owner Charlie Mattingly says paranormal enthusiasts come from around the world to tour or even spend the night inside the drafty old building.
The 19-year-old singer's grandparent, who is unable to work as he suffers with a painful back condition, lives in a small home, which has been left cold and drafty after a tree fell on the roof.
Time and time again, on whatever drafty stage or pub we happened to be in.
Most airports were drafty, fluorescent-lit corridors leading to planesNsans airline lounges.
ADRIAN LEWIS meets James Wade tonight for the first time since he became the Drafty Cockney.
Like the ones I stayed with over New Year who are in a ratinfested mouldy house with no hot water, no heating, drafty window and paying pounds 40 each per bed, some in shared rooms whilst the landlady turns up whenever she feels to shout and scream at them for rent.
Several years ago, the Cenacle Sisters decided to rebuild their nearly 85-year-old retreat center because it was too big, too drafty and too expensive to heat and maintain.
Beagley updates classics: standard booties in faux-crocodile textures, short lace-ups with contrasting color anklets and stately, purple velvet slippers embroidered with a sunny insignia, perfect for padding around a drafty house.
Fayard said it is going to take time to fix the drafty windows.
We have primary schools that need rebuilding and the high earners are in pleasant, potted-planted offices and children are being taught in drafty corridors sitting on floors.