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not airtight


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Sapporo Breweries said the new product contains twice as much hops as Drafty.
An estimated 40 million Americans are now working either fUll- or part-time from a home office that was once a drafty attic, cold basement or isolated spare bedroom.
The whereabouts of Ben's father are uncertain, the crowded trains they use always old and drafty.
The scraps are scattered in a drafty room containing furniture also bearing snaps, but of only a few sizes.
The company's next beer, Drafty Window[TM] will be released in late 2012.
After all, the blue-glass box on Pier 27, below Telegraph Hill, is a far better billboard than drafty old Pier 35 ever was, and it'll lure more dollars too (cruise-ship traffic for 2015 is already up 10 percent).
Now, anyone with beautiful, functional but perhaps drafty windows can have an economical solution without having to replace them with Red Devil's new Snap-N-Seal(TM) interior window insulator system.
Therefore, this year the organisers have had a rethink, ditching the drafty marquee and the unpleasant time of year for more favourable conditions.
All seem useless, drafty, grey and lifeless empty places.
The nearly 85-year-old retreat was too big, too drafty and too expensive to properly utilize or heat.
THERE will have been bigger crowds at more glamorous settings as Frankie and The Heartstrings played a drafty Custard Factory warehouse.
Instead they suffered the indignity of being left on trolleys in public lobby areas or the drafty corridors of hospitals.
Students will continue to feel too cold in drafty classrooms.
It was a bit drafty in the centre and I get neuralgia, so I decided to keep it on.
Paramedic Robert Lundberg has been stationed at Thurston for the past two years and said he's grateful to be out of drafty tents.