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a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

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0 software lets designers, draftspersons and design project managers access and combine subsets of drawings and related information about the drawings into a single AutoCAD environment that can be shared by multiple design team members.
She is a skilled negotiator and draftsperson with a broad range of experience in business transactions.
Phil Cardella, a computer draftsperson by day, said he was more lucky than smart when he won the final online satellite tournament of the series.
From there she landed her first main job as a draftsperson at Lionweld Kennedy, a manufacturer of industrial steel, handrails and stair treads.
This particular version seems to be either the original or a close copy of the sketch that was made by the NWMP prior to the dimensions being misconstrued by the draftsperson in Ottawa, resulting in a map that was thought to be a realistic representation of the fort until archaeological excavations proved them wrong.
Applications are invited for Job of Senior legal draftsperson (70 days) for "strengthening political integrity and stability in the solomon islands".
Wagging school and organising sit-ins, at 16 Orchard left school to work as a draftsperson.
The working group would comprise of Muntazir Khan, Deputy Secretary (Admn) Home and Tribal Affairs Department while Riffat Aamir, Legal Draftsperson Director-II (Human Resource Development (HRD) Peshawar High Court, Javed Khan, Planning Officer Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department and a representative of the Additional Inspector General of Police Special Branch Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would act as members of the said working group.
Any may be used depending on the preference of the draftsperson.
She was the primary draftsperson for New Hampshire's first pooled special needs trust program for third-party trusts, a program launched in 2010 by the Enhanced Lives Options Group, a New Hampshire non-profit organization that manages several pooled special needs trust programs.
A reader from Dubai asks: I am currently working in a company as a draftsperson and I'm looking for another job because I want to leave soon.
Einhorn was also the principal draftsperson of the modern law on asylum and refugee protection in 1980.
First of all, the Massachusetts Constitution was drafted by John Adams as its principal draftsperson in 1780, and precedes the United States Constitution by seven years.
This was followed with a position as a draftsperson in the drawing office, compiling detailed manufacturing drawings for the umbilical ancillary structures.
Eleanor was a draftsperson at the former Norton Co.