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a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

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Using the layer groups and filters in AutoCAD, a draftsperson can approximate the utility of Vectorworks Design Layers.
The working group would comprise of Muntazir Khan, Deputy Secretary (Admn) Home and Tribal Affairs Department while Riffat Aamir, Legal Draftsperson Director-II (Human Resource Development (HRD) Peshawar High Court, Javed Khan, Planning Officer Local Government, Elections and Rural Development Department and a representative of the Additional Inspector General of Police Special Branch Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would act as members of the said working group.
In Siona Benjamin's case, the worlds she has inhabited are so complex and layered that the richness of her experience along with her skills as a draftsperson and a colorist combine to offer a most unusual series of mirror-windows.
Words such as businessman, postman, fireman, policeman, delivery boy, and draftsman were replaced by business executive, postal carrier, firefighter, police officer, courier, and draftsperson, respectively.
She was the primary draftsperson for New Hampshire's first pooled special needs trust program for third-party trusts, a program launched in 2010 by the Enhanced Lives Options Group, a New Hampshire non-profit organization that manages several pooled special needs trust programs.
For these reasons dishonesty can be an appropriate element in corporate crime, at least in relation to those areas where the highest standards of ethical behaviour should be the norm or where it is difficult for the draftsperson to envisage every eventuality of unethical conduct.
A reader from Dubai asks: I am currently working in a company as a draftsperson and I'm looking for another job because I want to leave soon.
Einhorn was also the principal draftsperson of the modern law on asylum and refugee protection in 1980.
First of all, the Massachusetts Constitution was drafted by John Adams as its principal draftsperson in 1780, and precedes the United States Constitution by seven years.
The judge criticised the lack of good knowledge of international patent law in the draftsperson.
This was followed with a position as a draftsperson in the drawing office, compiling detailed manufacturing drawings for the umbilical ancillary structures.
Eleanor was a draftsperson at the former Norton Co.
Mhairi, from Paisley, said: "I studied electronic engineering at Reid Kerr back in 1993 and that opened up several opportunities for me to work as a draftsperson in the engineering industry.
They are in fact agrofuels' and have nothing to do with environmental protection," said Claude Turmes, draftsperson on the Renewables Directive.
They are in fact 'agrofuels' and have nothing to do with environmental protection," said Claude Turmes, draftsperson on the Renewables Directive.