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the creation of artistic pictures or diagrams

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Reproduced in b&w and color plates of high quality, the drawings embody the beauty and precision of 19th-century French draftsmanship.
Gray's cartooning featured solid and meticulous draftsmanship, combined with the gritty feel of a real, dirty, raucous, scary world, a style that can be clearly detected in the works of such later underground cartoonists as Robert Crumb, Bill Griffith (who draws Zippy the Pinhead), and Chester Brown.
When I started [practicing architecture], it was very much hands-on, hand-drafting and there was a lot of pride in that sort of draftsmanship," says Muir.
In them, you can see him still playing with the color blocks of Rothko; the jagged, lightning-like ruptures of Still; and the jazzy draftsmanship of de Kooning, all with a palette inspired by the pinks and yellows of the Southwest soil.
In that lawyers are trained in the arts of draftsmanship, negotiation, and compromise, it is not surprising that the most powerful founding fathers tended to be lawyers, including Gouverneur Morris, James Wilson, and John Rutledge.
In chapter 2 Thimann describes the manuscript: its thirty-eight folios of parchment and its precision of draftsmanship as preparation for the copperplate rather than as a painted manuscript, such Giulio Clovio's Farnese Hours.
Even if the employer has a protectable interest sufficient to justify a non-competition restriction, problems in draftsmanship frequently occur.
He said: ``James's beautiful drawing combined imagination with excellent draftsmanship.
One judge noted his "stylistic consistency, quality draftsmanship and editorial conviction.
I once saw amazing line drawings of old people, so precise in their draftsmanship and produced by a 12 year old.
Miller, Stewart Title's attorney, said in a court document that the mistake was "a non-issue that [Stewart Title] waived and simply chalked up to poor draftsmanship by Ms.
He knows his critics in the Naval Aviation community expect accurate draftsmanship combined with artistic realism.
His downtown colleagues at the State Advances Corporation and then the Health Department knew him as their avuncular office solicitor, but there was more to his bow than the exercise of legal niceties and legislative draftsmanship.