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Synonyms for draftsman

a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

an artist skilled at drawing

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The draftsman hopes to see it adopted before the summer and put to the plenary in November.
Only when you come across these studied preparations does Greuze the draftsman, the meticulous student of human expression and emotion, become differentiated from Greuze the effortless stage manager and Greuze the dramatist.
I was headed for a bloody war and just couldn't figure out what a draftsman was supposed to do there.
She was drawing buildings in the third grade, and later inherited the tools of her grandmother, a draftsman in the Navy.
The inventor, a civil draftsman who specializes in making maps, came up with the idea for his pin in the weeks after the September 11, 2001 tragedy.
Minister Athukorales proposal was approved and the Cabinet of Ministers instructed the Legal Draftsman to draft legislation to set up this special High Court under Article 105 (1) (c) of the Constitution.
A spokesman of FATA Development Authority said, 'Youth will be trained in Quantity Surveyor, Civil Land and Draftsman, Basic Computer course, AutoCad, Solar Panel and UPS Installation and Repairing.
Bud went right to work for General Electric in their Apprentice Draftsman Program and was employed as a Design Draftsman at GE for 23 years where he served several years as President of the Syracuse Draftsman Association.
Prior to joining New York Commercial Real Estate, Wood had a 22-year career as a senior architectural draftsman with the architectural firm of Robert J.
Parliament's draftsman Jo Leinen (PES, Germany) has announced that his report will be ready and debated in committee in September.
Mary, of Exhall, said: "He went to Copthorne School and then to Dunlop where he served his apprenticeship as a precision engineer draftsman.
The entry of language into art as a medium in its own right brought early international recognition to the work of this crafty draftsman and word acrobat, and though Raetz recently installed a text object in a public space in Geneva, his earlier word-images have generally given way to optical experiments, as this retrospective exhibition, "Nothing is lighter than light," shows.
James, from Blyth, already had training in architectural design but wanted to become an architectural draftsman.
The section devoted to the arts contains two excellent essays, one by Horst Bredekamp, "Gazing Hands and Blind Spots: Galileo as Draftsman," and one by Sara Booth and Albert van Helden, "The Virgin and the Telescope: The Moons of Cigoli and Galileo.
Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman," includes 120 works illustrating his contributions as an artist, scientist, theorist and teacher.