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Synonyms for draftsman

a skilled worker who draws plans of buildings or machines

an artist skilled at drawing

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There are many benefits to the exhibition Greuze the Draftsman, (1) which I saw at the Frick earlier this year.
So he vowed to be the best draftsman there -- and find out what Korea was all about.
Choike's previous roles with the company include drafter, chief draftsman, drafting manager, plant liaison and application and customer support product specialist.
A law costs draftsman is responsible for settling the legal costs of
This draftsman has carved out a niche where he has ten contractors consistantly use his special services.
He worked for many years as a machine tool draftsman.
Tenders are invited for Supply of stationary item : Boarer, Calling Bell Trembler, Candle 12", Carbon (Pencil) Kores DFC, Carbon (Pencil) Kores FC, Draftsman Note Book, Dust Bin (Plastic), Duster (Jharna) 24 x 24", Envelope (12 x 5") Brown, Envelope (16 x 13") Cotton braiaded inside, Envelope (6 x 4") White, Envelope (9 x 4") Brown, File ( Arch ).
Meanwhile, yet another notification issued here by the provincial government the same day, circle head draftsman, Communication and Works department, Rehmatullah (BS-16) has also been promoted as Chief draftsman in next grade i.
Edison, as well as Latimer, an inventor, patent expert, and draftsman, will be on display.
He had worked as a draftsman at Lockheed Aircraft Manufacturing Co.
Graham began his steel career in 1947 as a draftsman for the former Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation.
Scher's skills as a draftsman are on par with his gifts as a colorist: Animals, figures, and faces rendered in spare hatch marks or simple monochrome are as texturally elaborate as those built up from confident strokes of watercolor or in tandem with abstract painterly passages.
He recalls: "I was an apprentice jig and tool draftsman and eventually became personnel and training manager and was made MBE the year before I retired.
Justin Boon, 27, has joined the K-12 Practice Group as a Draftsman.