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a worktable with adjustable top

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Meanwhile, from the floor vents, hidden speakers emit a blend of operatic vocal and electronic music (collaboratively arranged with Shahrokh Yadegari), and on the staircase landing, ball bearings can be rolled across the tillable inset of a steel drafting table that is miked.
The Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Treaty that safeguards investment in either country was signed between Zimbabwe and South Africa after years on the drafting table.
For example, if the observed is a drafts man, he or she may be cleaning the drafting table, updating the software, talking to a client or taking continuing education classes.
Teet of the Facilities Design Department said, "We did not plan to support manual drafting rooms and did not have the floor space for each student to have both a drafting table and a computer table.
In fact, a banker's light on a drafting table in the far former of the room provided the only source of light.
By 1928 he was working at a drafting table at home and, with the help of Norman L.
In the afternoon he rose and went to his drafting table and worked there until the evening.
He smiled and he opened the drawer of his drafting table -- a treasure trove of colored drawing pencils.
The 74-year-old eschews a chair at his desk, for instance, preferring to stand for over eight hours a day at a raised drafting table.
She remembers her drafting table was crowded into a tiny space in the basement, where armed with an Exacto knife and hot wax, she helped put the Bar Journal directory issue together by hand.
Shortly after the sale my wife came outside and immediately noticed the drafting table was gone.
Where you and I might sit around the campfire talking about the features we would like to see in our favorite gear, the Mad Dog Gear crew sits around the drafting table having the same conversation.
Those early days must have been humbling--at times, humiliating--although you wouldn't know it from that one yellowing black and white photo of him, proudly clutching his drafting table, starched white shirt, shirt pockets full of drawing pencils.
Also provided are a drafting table and stool for Kelly to make "lots of pretty pictures.
Mercifully, the foolhardy notion espoused by some politicians to let people invest their Social Security savings in the stock market never made it past the drafting table.