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a writer of a draft

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Similar to the Bressman and Gluck study, this survey also asked whether "it matter[s] to your rule drafting practices whether courts routinely rely on any of these rules," Q12 (n=119), and, by semantic canon, whether the rule drafter "believe[s] that courts rely on any of these rules in interpreting legislation and/or regulations," Q11(a)-(h)(n=119).
Ashley has been an Architectural Drafter and Designer for about twelve years.
It is perhaps worth noting that the one rule drafter to dissent chose "[n]one of the above," indicating that Congress does not intend for agencies to fill any of the types of ambiguities listed.
He explained, "Throughout the specification the drafter can focus attention on a specific invention rather than on the generic idea or result: in the field of the invention, in the background of the invention, and the summary of the invention.
one rule drafter indicated that it rarely applies, and none that it
Translators with Drafter or Reviser profiles can have Recursive or Non-Recursive subprofiles.
If so, it is crucial that the drafter make clear that an oral partnership agreement has been entered into effective as of formation and that the agreement previously entered into is now being memorialized in writing.
The drafters from the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have opted to use the phrase ''shall establish,'' saying it connotes the ''conviction'' to really establish a human rights commission.
AnvilCAD Lite is a faster, streamlined version of MCS' proven Design Drafter package, and eliminates many of the add-on features to Design Drafter that had been included over the years at the request of individual companies.
Each working group had on average eight members, including a leader, a recorder, and the drafter of a position paper prepared well in advance.
McConnell, on the other hand, is the primary drafter of the influential legal brief adopted by the BSA as the basis of its argument before the high court.
643(b), which permit the drafter of a charitable trust to define income and principal in the trust document, and to provide for the distribution of long-term capital gain as income.
The author surveys various plain language initiatives, highlighting problems encountered by the plain language drafter as well as techniques for achieving more direct communication of the legislative message.
Research on dance and education exists, but it's embedded in other disciplines," explains Jane Bonbright, project director at the National Dance Education Organization and drafter of the project proposal.
Each drafter updates about eight maps each day from sketches turned in by field draftsmen.