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a writer of a draft

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38) To communicate directly and effectively with a given semiotic group, the drafter would have to receive training or initiation into the group; this is what consultations and user testing are all about.
If a member of the field crew called to question the location of a pipeline or main, drafters in the office had to go to a file cabinet and retrieve the area map in question.
If this is not an acceptable match, the computer would exit the tree node for Drafter and traverse up one level to the right and enter the tree node containing information for Electronic Technician.
Most CAD systems, irrespective of the particular industry for which they are developed, offer four basic functions that greatly enhance the productivity of the drafter or designer.
One rule drafter nicely summed up this takeaway: "Legislative history can help to clarify Congress's purpose in enacting particular provisions, which in turn can help the Agency resolve ambiguities in a way that is consistent with legislative intent.
PC & Gold Drafter supports an unlimited number of leagues from keeper to auction drafts and even provide realistic mock drafts to practice before the official draft day.
congressional drafter colorfully explained that "Scalia is a bright
There will be a predominance of Drafter profile and Non-Recursive subprofile in direct translation since participants seek to achieve a reliable task output at the end of drafting phase in their L1 (the direction in which they usually translate).
Once the distribution waterfall is drafted, the drafter next drafts an allocation provision that allocates items of partnership income, gain, loss, deduction, and credit to force the partners' ending capital accounts to equal the amount each partner would receive if the partnership sold all of its assets for book value and liquidated the partnership in accordance with the distribution waterfall.
The courts should not defer to the understanding of a canon or precedent given in a manual, but they should take such a description as evidence that the convention was present in the context in which the drafter worked.
The text also helps the drafter begin the bill or law by defining the problem involved, searching out the collateral questions, and organizing the bill.
Job profiles include computer programmer, computer repair technician, computer systems installer, computer-aided drafter and designer, cybersecurity expert and more.
The drafter from military-ruled Myanmar, however, has opted to leave the issue up to his foreign minister to decide, while the drafters from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam said they cannot commit because they have yet to establish their respective human rights commissions.
Detailed attention is given to the work of the main drafter of the ILCW baptismal rite, the late Hans Boehringer, and to the ILCW project director, Eugene L.
Jacob Rolls, drafter of a leading Ten Commandments amicus brief to the U.