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One young draftee then preparing for his second major battle was Private Hilaire Dennis of the 18th Battalion.
Although he hasn't shared that seemingly stressful experience, James on Thursday took a moment to give the young draftees a bit of advice.
Defence minister Christoforos Fokaides told daily Politis that draftees diagnosed with psychological problems would serve out an alternative service, not at military installations but at defence-related services.
Political analyst Marta Lagos suggested to the Associated Press (AP) recently that Chile could perhaps choose 20 former draftees and, in exchange for information, guarantee them legal immunity.
That is, a future NHL draftee may only play a few games on a college hockey team before leaving to play professional hockey.
Since then, we have been informed of another draftee on continuous active duty--a warrant officer; of course, it's possible there are others.
Part IV discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using draftees versus an all-volunteer force.
Consisting principally of draftee soldiers from all over the country and who gave commendable service on the battlefields of World War I, the division was referred to as the 'All Americans' and wore a distinctive AA patch on their uniforms.
The hard-throwing right-hander is the first such draftee to enter college since 2001, when left-handed pitcher Jeremy Sowers enrolled at Vanderbilt after having been drafted by the Cincinnati Reds (20th overall).
The 33-year-old former Buffalo Sabres draftee joined Blaze at the start of the 2005/06 season and has made 213 appearances for the club, scoring 78 goals.
Team mates Robert Archibald - who should be fit to play despite turning his ankle in Friday's warm-up against Ireland - has past NBA experience, Andy Betts was a league draftee.
Following the world tournament, Price, a Montreal Canadiens' draftee, returned to his junior club, the Tri-City Americans of the Western Hockey League.
The soldier, moreover, turned out to be a black WW II draftee, a member of one of the segregated "Negro Battalions" seldom written about.
Draft officials nationwide were supposed to maintain identical records, indicating the name, age, height, eye and hair color, occupation, and birthplace of each draftee.
fighting man was not civilization's crusader, but destiny's draftee.