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He also learned that, contrary to what anybody else might have been lead to believe, he, as a draftee, didn't feel he was any less a Soldier than those who had volunteered for service.
The seven draftees from OSU was one more than the previous school record, set in 1967, and three more than the Beavers had ever had in the current seven-round format.
List of Rookies Highlighted by Draftees Coley and Fisher; Training Camp to Tip off Sept.
Unger was the 49th pick overall, making Oregon one of only three teams with at least three draftees at that point in the day.
The automaker will also present the "Virtual Green Room," which provides behind-the-scenes footage, draftee video journals, exclusive interviews with draftees, and blogs written by NBA.
That lineup included 2012 NBA draftee Targuy Ngombo, who was supposed to be the main cog of the team that is known for rugged, athletic play.
The average future NFL draftee brings in $400,000 a year and a future NBA draftee brings in $1.
One thing that distinguished the largely draftee army was the ability of the individual soldier to think for himself - sometimes lacking discipline, but always having the ability to jump in, take charge and make decisions.
Another pro-draft point of view comes from a University of Pittsburgh military historian: "When you don't have parents worried about their draftee kids in Iraq, when everybody who's there is a volunteer, you've given the president a freer hand than I care to give him.
Merricks returned: The Colorado Rockies offered Rule 5 draftee Matt Merricks, a left-handed pitcher, back to the Dodgers, who accepted.
CHARLES MOSKOS, a former draftee, is Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University.
Kid's College was conceived by founder and CEO of Learning Through Sports, Brian Shulman, a former college player and NFL draftee.
His ability to stay in the hand with mega-agent Scott Boras until the asking price on draftee Jered Weaver fell to $4 million might be looked at as an upset victory in an industry in which some clubs choose to avoid drafting Boras clients altogether.
There's no reason why a civilian service option should not be included so that a draftee would have the choice of say 18 months in the military or 24 in AmeriCorps.