draft dodger

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someone who is drafted and illegally refuses to serve


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On Sunday, his lawyer said Agca was still considered a draft dodger because an earlier medical report declaring him unfit had not been approved.
The effort faced pressure to oust Rustin when Strom Thurmond attacked him as a Communist, draft dodger, and homosexual.
If Gray Davis was right to compare his governing California to Vietnam, then I feel comfortable calling him a draft dodger.
The problem, though, was not that Liman looked too Jewish or that John Nields, the long-haired House counsel, looked too much like a draft dodger, but that, as the committee tried to champion the "rule of law," it consented to a rule of lawyers.
To conclude my history lesson, I would remind Messrs Blair, Cook and the Washington draft dodger that Adolf Hitler tried to bomb London and Clydebank into submission just as we bombed Dresden.
The American people voted for a draft dodger and he was elected president.
17): Take a good look at what's sitting up there in the White House - a draft dodger.
We already have a draft dodger, pot smoker and adulterer in the White House now.
If the people of this country cared about veterans and active duty personnel we wouldn't have a draft dodger as president, enlisted members wouldn't qualify for food stamps.
Therefore he is under no obligation to look on every patient as a potential draft dodger, whether he is anti-army or not.
I suppose, to Larsen, it's more of a crime to be a Democratic draft dodger than a Republican one.
24 photo is the infamous draft dodger Clinton smiling in the middle of so many soldiers that have sworn to give their lives for their country.
The young man is neither a draft dodger nor part of that group of people who furnish a letter from a psychiatrist to get out of military duty, Politis reported yesterday.
I know you are a hawk now, President Clinton, but during the Vietnam War you were a draft dodger and didn't like American policies, and you went to England and Russia so you wouldn't have to serve in the armed forces.
I'm curious about the letter writer's military experience - and wonder whether he feels a Republican draft dodger in government isn't as important as being a Democratic one.