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a board to select personnel for involuntary military service

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When our mother and our sister said the words draft board their voices were low and their faces tensed.
When the draft board called, you went," he said in an interview.
The Danish Society of General Medicine, DSAM, has laid this out in a consultation response to the Health Protection Agency, which has set a deadline for Tuesday January, 21st to come up with objections and comments to a new revised draft Board "Guidance on Circumcision of Boys.
You can be a secularist and live the life of "absolute" pacifism - that is, the belief that violence is never morally acceptable, whether in self-defence or on behalf of others - and still be refused conscientious objector status by a draft board.
President Woodrow Wilson by a young man who had recently registered with his local draft board.
Set in the early 70's, The Camden 28 investigates the historical incident of when 28 people, mostly non-violent activists from the Catholic left, plotted to break into a local draft board office and destroy records.
March, 1958, Elvis is inducted into the US Army at the Memphis Draft Board and is assigned serial number 53310761.
28 people participated in a break-in at a draft board office in protest of the Vietnam war.
The study used data from more than 318,000 Jewish men and women born in Israel during six consecutive years and who underwent draft board assessment at age 17.
The investigators used data collected on a cohort of 378,891 Israelis born during a consecutive 6-year period in the 1980s and evaluated at age 17 by the Israeli draft board, which determines intellectual, medical, and psychiatric eligibility for the country's compulsory military service.
Reichenberg and his colleagues tapped into a database of Israeli young people, who are required to register with a draft board at age 17.
He can't wait for the draft board to send him to war, so that he can escape the dusty town and all of its dark memories.
Terman did his best to talk the draft board out of taking me, but there were limits to his powers in that direction.
Even before any congressional authorization, the Pentagon has begun a quiet campaign to fill all 10,350 draft board positions as well as similar positions on 11,070 appeals boards.
Its focus is on the Catholic Left, an informally-organized but highly influential group of resisters defined by their participation in the draft board raids made famous by the radical priests Daniel and Philip Berrigan.