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a board to select personnel for involuntary military service

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Now, he continued, "individual bishops have appeared before courts and draft boards to plead the cause of conscientious objectors and war resisters.
Manuel, who topped no one's draft board at the position.
With the 2013 NFL Draft set to get underway on Thursday, all 32 teams are narrowing down their final draft board.
These kits come complete with a draft board, players stickers, koozies, a champion pennant, and more.
At 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds, Gyorko rose up the draft board with his bat while teams debated what position would best fit him.
Malcolm, whom the film said evaded service in World War II by telling the draft board he wanted to organize black soldiers to kill whites, told African-Americans that if they weren't willing to fight for themselves, no one would be.
As for those arriving too late to take advantage of deferment--or unwilling to put up with the rigors of graduate school--a number of popular techniques of bureaucratic manipulation evolved to tie the local draft board in knots.
LOS ANGELES -- With LaDainian Tomlinson at the top of every fantasy football draft board this year, FOX Fantasy Football is not only offering its players an upgraded game experience in 2007, but also a chance to get some face time with fantasy football's consensus No.
And of course, rumors of teams looking to move up the draft board have begun.
All this would be ancient history except that some history was unearthed a year and a half ago when statewide draft board records from the Vietnam era were discovered in the basement of the National Guard Museum on Salisbury Street.
The kit also includes: a Fantasy Draft Board, Fantasy Draft stickers, 12 Fantasy Draft "cheat sheet" guides, and a customized Hooters FoxSports.
Smith urged other people of faith who feel as he does to inquire about procedures to get on a draft board in their locality.
The kit includes a draft board, labels, draft forms, winner's plaque and subscription to an NFL draft magazine.
Smart's move creates some movement on the draft board and could benefit Indiana guard Victor Oladipo or UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad, (http://www.
Sullinger, who also expressed his eagerness to work with Garnett, didn't seem too upset about his slide down the draft board.