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an animal used for pulling heavy loads

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And horses aren't your only choice in draft animal power.
A council spokesman said: "The Procurement Committee discussed a draft animal cruelty- free food procurement policy.
The Farmall started the demise of animal-powered agriculture, although some draft animal use persisted through World War II.
In their responses to the consultation on Defra's draft Animal Welfare Delivery Strategy, five of the multiples claimed that only a small number of consumers would be interested in a welfare-labelling scheme.
The draft Animal Welfare Bill contains a number of proposed and unnecessary measures that would impact heavily on the rearing of game and thus the viability of the majority of UK game shooting and associated industries.
The charity said it is disappointed the Government has failed to accept the recommendations of a committee that examined the draft Animal Welfare Bill.
The draft Animal Welfare Bill also outlaws offering goldfish as prizes, bans docking the tails of dogs, safeguards circus animals and strengthens laws on cruelty.
Therefore, we perform tests using labor per acre or draft animal per acre as the dependent variable and the percentage of sharecroppers as the independent variable to investigate if t he percentage of sharecroppers explains the average labor-land and draft animals-land ratios.
1) Inputs are land area, labor, capital, chemical fertilizer, draft animal livestock, and organic fertilizer.
The charity is working with Harvard University to draft animal welfare legislation and has met with authorities in China to encourage consideration of regulations.
In Draft Animal Plowing, participants plow a field after learning about soil tillage.
Workers have left the land in their thousands and the tractor has totally replaced the draft animal for working the fields, the farms have got bigger and the farming villages are now often weekend retreats for city workers.
I just can't eat him, so may use him as a draft animal.
It reviewed the final report of its team in charge of studying the draft animal welfare law and the veterinary medical professions practice law.
LIVESTOCK farming organisations have criticised the publication of Defra's draft Animal Health Bill, which includes controversial plans for sharing the cost of disease outbreaks.