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a painful and debilitating infestation contracted by drinking stagnant water contaminated with Guinea worm larvae that can mature inside a human's abdomen until the worm emerges through a painful blister in the person's skin

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The peculiar epidemiology of dracunculiasis in Chad.
No active cases of dracunculiasis were observed in the present study.
179) Chris Greenaway, Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Disease), 170 CAN.
Dracunculiasis can be prevented with four main interventions: 1) educating residents in communities where the disease is endemic, particularly persons from whom worms are emerging, to avoid immersing affected body parts in sources of drinking water; 2) filtering potentially contaminated drinking water through a cloth filter or pipe filter to remove copepods (small crustaceans that host D.
Nigeria's War on Terror: Fighting Dracunculiasis, Onchocerciasis, Lymphatic Filariasis, and Schistosomiasis at the Grassroots.
Librarians are meant to partner with community health workers to record and store health information on common prevalent disease conditions in our rural communities, such as malaria, measles, dracunculiasis (guinea worm), dysentery, poliomyelitis, tetanus, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS etc.
Goal Improve maternal Very little progress made 5 health Goal Combat HIV/AIDS, The global response to AIDS has 6 malaria and other demonstrated tangible progress diseases toward the achievement of this goal Goal Ensure environmental On target for the drinking water 7 sustainability target Goal Develop a global Greater cooperation achieved in 8 partnership for general, but Africa remains development neglected Table 2: Main tropical disease areas that would be considered for a priority review voucher (PRV) by FDA7 Tuberculosis Human African trypanosomiasis Malaria Leishmaniasis Blinding trachoma Leprosy Buruli Ulcer Lymphatic filariasis Cholera Onchocerciasis Dengue/Dengue hemorrhagic Schistosomiasis fever Dracunculiasis Soil transmitted helminthiasis (guinea-worm disease) Fascioliasis Yaws
This agreement covers kinetoplastid diseases (leishmaniass, Chagas disease, and human African trypanosomiasis), helminth infections (lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis), and dracunculiasis, fascioliasis and schistosomiasis.
Diarrhea, intestinal helminth infections, dracunculiasis, schistosomiasis, and trachoma, the main diseases or infections associated with inadequate water supply and sanitation, collectively affect nearly half of all persons in developing countries, and more than half the hospital beds in the world are occupied by people who have these diseases (4).
1991): "Effects of Improved Water Supply and Sanitation on AscariasIs, Diarrhea, Dracunculiasis, Hookworm Infection, Schistosomiasis, and Trachoma", Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 69(5), 609-21.
Despite the given assumptions and the exclusion of non-quantifiable benefits, KA is potential candidate for elimination, however, IRR for KA intervention is lower than chagas disease control (28), but almost similar to dracunculiasis eradication campaign (24).
His knowledge of Guinea worm, a parasitic worm infection, also called dracunculiasis (The Carter Center, 2009), was gained from discussions in school and had been reinforced by our own family excursions in the community.
18) Unless people gain access to sources of drinking water that are clean, safe, and reliable, "[e]fforts to prevent death from diarrhea or to reduce the burden of such diseases as ascaris, dracunculiasis, hookworm, schistosomiasis and trachoma are doomed to failure.
Tissue nematodes including trichinosis, dracunculiasis, and the filariases.
Guinea worm, or Dracunculiasis, is an infection caused by a parasite; it affects people in poor African communities who do not have sanitary water supplies, according to the U.