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The Hurriyat forum Chairman said unless the draconian law AFSPA is abolished, the killing of Kashmiris will continue and 'we will keep losing our young and old men and women'.
He described it as draconian and said that the country needs a bill against husbands abandoning their wives rather than a bill against triple talaq.
Minister Scicluna pointed out that there is enough flexibility built into the rules to ensure that responsible fiscal policies do not rely exclusively, for their compliance, on draconian sanctions which could cause more harm than good to national economic reform programmes, at the cost of the livelihood of citizens.
There are several provisions in the bill which are draconian in nature and will surely enhance tyranny by the police and the abuse of law in order to settle political scores or to quell dissent and human rights, these include:
The Labour council is implementing draconian cuts in public services.
Phrases like ' grossly offensive material', ' causing inconvenience', ' insult', which the section presents as crimes, are vague and draconian," Rajeeve said.
MR Hopkins is absolutely correct in his assessment of the massive social damage which the Government's draconian cuts trigger.
Derek Thomson, chairman of the PCS Scotland Committee, said: "Our members want to provide a good, efficient and reliable service but are prevented from doing so by targetdriven employers who are more interested in draconian and unrealistic targets than any respect for the people who rely on these.
Civil liberties groups have claimed the draconian rules will make Bangor like the communist dictatorship.
This draconian imposition no doubt would be followed by further campaigns to reduce the speed limit to 15mph or 10mph before calling for the banning of private cars altogether.
However, the Indian government is hell-bent on enforcing this draconian law on the people of Kashmir," Shaheen said, while addressing the protesting lawyers.
Sir, The extension of the use of Remedial Action Notices (RANs) to food businesses other than in the meat sector may not be as bad as some people make out ('Retailers blast draconian hygiene shake-up', The Grocer, 11 June, p5).
And he warned the Government could provoke a "brutal" international reaction if it failed to "recognise the dangers and continue to push for such draconian cuts at a time when we are at war".
I felt the security was draconian - meaning very rigorous.
Hetherington warned:"It's hard to see the club suirviving these measures which are draconian.