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Synonyms for drabness

Synonyms for drabness

having a drab or dowdy quality

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It remains difficult to find much coherence among her propositions, true as they are; for instance, that El Greco's vestments are physically impossible to wear, that the simplicity of post-Napoleonic clothes was a reaction against the pomp of the ancien regime, and that Tissot exploited the drabness of men's evening dress as a foil for the gorgeous clothes of the women.
Lee concurs (for the record, the original X-Men, as conceived by Lee and artist Jack Kirby, wore uniforms that were matched for drabness only by the Fantastic Four's.
The sameness, the very drabness that is exhibited by any large manufacturer of a product, will become the standard in real estate, A dictatorship by any elite, whether it is that of a supposed proletariat or a corporate bureaucracy, will result when the individual is subsumed into the masses.
Set to the minimalist Octet by Steve Reich, Cavalcade has a dated appearance but is saved from drabness by the magical final sequence based on a Chinese ribbon dance.
Some 10 new tones are added to the solid Portofino, sufficient to build a new color story around it, particularly timely for spring when the element of color seems to have higher interest with consumer who want to emerge from winter's drabness with more uplifting surroundings.
Such was the drabness of the second half, one Twitter wag quipped that it appeared to be directed by Ingmar Bergman.
It's a rare splash of colour amid the drabness of winter.
United have averaged four goals a games and face a Bolton side that don't do drabness.
It's a world away from the drabness of Fletchers Walk, one of those ugly subways that were created back in the decades before Birmingham remembered that cityscapes should be welcoming.
Actually it is functional almost to the point of drabness.
After the drabness of the Fifties, patterns and colours were very new as was experimentation with Op Art and psychedelia.
It was a good decision, accentuating the drabness of the refugee lifestyle and echoing Sako's observation that you must be judicious when choosing colors (in this case for football jerseys), since political affiliation is color-coded.
Computer-generated special effects are distracting and we yearn for a speedy return to the drabness of reality.
The afterlife is a riot of computer-generated special effects in the otherworldly sections but is distracting and we yearn for a return to the drabness of reality.
They present an impression of modernday Razgulyai, the suburb of Moscow where he lives, which would certainly not have found favour in Soviet times - yet ironically these images of drunks and down-an-outs and general urban drabness are as stereotypical of today's Russia as the radiant peasants bringing in another bumper harvest were of another age.